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Motion & Animation

Jojo Ensslin / Animated film for GE Healthcare

Jojo Ensslin likes a challenge so when he heard that bile acid diarrhea might require an illustration he agreed right away to accept the assignment to provide artwork and animation for the GE Healthcare project. The animated film tells the story of Lou who tries to live her life but is constantly held back by […]

Jojo Ensslin / “Solitude, sweet Solitude,” a solo exhibition

Jojo Ensslin was invited to present the first show in a gallery that focuses on illustration. Ensslin’s exhibit, to be held on Friday, September 14th, will feature the illustrator’s woodprints and wooden surfboards. Ensslin printed ten new woodcuts for this exhibit. The gallery, Kleine Affäre, was developed by film and TV producer, Uli Wilkes, who […]

illustrator Jojo Ensslin Illustrates / Artwork for Audi A5 G-Tron

Jojo Ensslin provided artwork for an animated sequence for Audi G-Trons new Spot. The spot shows memes of differences between expectations and reality. Jojos part is the only animated sequence in the whole spot.

Illustrator Jojo Ensslin / RE/MAX geo farming

Jojo Ensslin was asked to create some artwork for an article on RE/MAX website. The article he article deals about geo-farming and how to optimize your real estate business.

Illustrator Jojo Ensslin / Guppy Friend washing bag

Langbrett is a germany based Surf and Skateshop and producer of eco friendly fashion and surf equipment. They are also very comitted to develloping ideas and products that help to protect our environment and minimize our impact on nature. Their newest project is a specially designed wash bag, that is able to stop 99% of […]

Jojo Ensslin / Animation Showcase

Jojo Ensslins new Animation showreel is now online. Doing illustration and animation for over 15 years, clients and projects range from magazines, agencies, brands and educational institutions such as schools and universities. Watch the showreel to see selected animation artwork, character animation, funny loops and interactive designs, containing scenes from commissioned as well as non-commissioned […]

Illustrator Jojo Ensslin / Illu 16 art show

For the third time, Jojo Ensslin was selected to participate in Cologne’s “Illu 16”, a bi-annual group show of illustration artists. With over 50 exhibitors and around 4000 visitors in just four days it became one of germanies biggest art shows, with a clear focus on Illustration. Specially for this show Jojo printed a bunch […]

Illustrator Jojo Ensslin / Nivea Men Stress Protect

For Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant Jojo Ensslin created a series of illustrated and animated posts. The Posts deal with men getting in awkward or silly situations, and how to keep their cool. The first Videos and Illustration are already published, so here they are:

Illustrator Jojo Ensslin / Workshop Coaster Exhibition

Anna Goodsons new Coaster arrived, and they are gorgeous. So Jojo Ensslin used his Workshop Window for a small “Coaster Exhibition”. Big thanks to the whole Group.

Eltern Magazin

Jojo Ensslin provided an illustration for Eltern Magazin, a german parents’ magazine. The article talks about how to spare your nerves – and when it is appropriate to loose your head.

mobil – Deutsche Bahn Magazine

Jojo Ensslin illustrated four double pages for Germany’s railway company Deutsche Bahn. The Illustrations accompanied excerpts from newly published novel “Am zwölften Tag” (on the twelfth day), written by Wolfgang Schorlaus.

LaViva Magazine

Jojo Ensslin created “Iva”, a character for LaViva Magazine. She is the main character of this womens magazine and will appear in each future issue.

Thrinving Family

Jojo Ensslin provided two illustrations for an article about single parents and blended families.

B.Z. – Berliner Zeitung

Jojo Ensslin created for Berlin’s daily newspaper “B.Z.” a character for their daily lottery. And now, “Cashcode-Kalle” goes to the big screen: fully illustrated and animated by Jojo Ensslin, B.Z. presented it’s new spot in cinemas in and around Berlin. Follow the link to see the film online:

Ferrero Chocofresh – happy new year

Jojo Ensslin created new illustrations for Ferrero Chocofresh’s Facebook Page. For two years now, Jojo has continously provided Artwork for Ferrero’s tasty Chococale-bar “Chocofresh” and the generated attention grew enormously. Soon Chocofresh’s Facebook page will pass the 500 000 fans mark.

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