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Motion & Animation

Marta Antelo / Nourishing love by feeding brids

Marta Antelo illustrated, “To Nourish Love, Feed the Birds” for Reader’s Digest, for an article by Tista Sen, from The New York Times, on how feeding birds helps a couple improve their relationship. Antelo’s idyllic scene of two people on a bench in a flourishing garden depicts the love tending to birds inspires.

Marta Antelo / Illustrating children’s poetry for Kireei magazine.

Marta Antelo illustrated a page of children’s poetry written by Laura Dorada for Kireei, a magazine that combines art, illustration, photography, interior decoration, handmade objects and design in one publication. Antelo’s whimsical, colorful and oftentimes playful imagery appeared in the 10th issue of Kireei. A flying cow, a lollipop, balloons and a black bird in top hat are just some of what adorns […]

Marta Antelo / Preserving Amazonia, Peru

Marta Antelo continues her collaboration with Ballena Blanca magazine with illustrations on how a cartographer is preserving Amazonia, Peru, in part, by giving drones to indigenous people. The multiple-page spread, art directed and designed by Ray Díaz Estudio, features Antelo’s colorful, organic designs and a map of the region.    

Marta Antelo / Walking the red carpet for The Boston Globe

Marta Antelo illustrated a story by Phyllis Karas for The Boston Globe’s Sunday edition on buying a house long distance. The buyer’s one request of her mother, who found the house: that it have a red carpet.  The couple relocating to the northeastern US, were living in Hawaii and hoped a bright color would offset the grey of a New […]

Marta Antelo / Homage to Autumn

Marta Antelo has created a typography illustration of the letter A to announce the arrival of Autumn.  Her letter A is filled with a deer, squirrel, fox and owl as well as logs, twigs and leaves and seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts, to usher in the season.  Mushrooms, apples, acorns and a pumpkin, float amid autumn leaves in her artfully-woven homage to […]

Marta Antelo Illustrates Ballena Blanca

Marta Antelo continues her colaboration with the environment and echonomy magazine Ballena Blanca, this article is about the illegal trade of animals in China.

A new illustration by Marta Antelo /

Marta Antelo continues her collaboration with the solidary project based in Spain

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Foundation Rêves d’Enfants

Marta Antelo creates this image for a poster and brochure shown in Canada.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Un mar sin desperdicios

Marta Antelo creates these vignettes illustrations to show the children the importance of keep the sea clean. A project for Submon, Ecoembes and Environment Ministry in Spain. Art direction and design by

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Character Design. Ecoembes

Marta Antelo creates this character for Ecoembes brand to show the children the importance of don’t throw trash to the sea.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Lexpert Magazine

Marta Antelo creates this map about how Canada doesn’t really have free trade between provinces.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Family Fun Magazine

Marta Antelo creates this illustration for a story about a mum explaining to her daughters how variated are her roots while prepare the jewish shabbat bread.

Illustration Marta Antelo / Ballena Blanca Magazine. October issue

This time Marta creates two illustrations about the importance of the Environmental Education.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Oh my cut! Hairdressing

Marta Antelo illustrates de wall for the new opened haitdressing in Valencia.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Character design

Marta Antelo creates this character for a personal project in course.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Ballena Blanca Magazine. July issue

Marta Antelo continues her collaboration with this magazine. This time with an article about a extrange career bad smells

illustrator Marta Antelo / Book Cover, Bromera Editorial

Marta Antelo creates this cover illustration for a book serie of valencian traditional songs published by the spanish Editorial Bromera.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Reader’s Digest

Marta Antelo creates this illustration about the latest science of attraction, research has shown that when we choose a partner in love, we are motivated to choose someone similar to ourselves.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Ask Magazine

Marta Antelo illustrates the story about a young talented musician for this children magazine may issue.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Ballena Blanca Magazine. April issue

Marta Antelo continues her collaboration with the Environment & Echonomics Magazine. This issue illustrating an article about shopping addiction. Article by Sara Acosta.

Illustrator Marta Antelo / Merry Christmas !!!

Marta Antelo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year with this image.

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