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Martin Tognola / Illustrating Urban Species for La Vanguardia

Martin Tognola created an illustration for a weekly column in La Vanguardia, a digital newspaper. The column, “Urban Species,” compares a goal in soccer to an orgasm. Tognola has superimposed a football field on a couple’s bed to illustrate the column’s premise.    

Martin Tognola / A less-than-regal royal

Martin Tognola compares King Charles III , King of Spain, circa 1759-1788, who was one of the most successful European rulers of his time, to the current King Philip VI, who took the throne in 2014 and is married to a television journalist.  Tognola’s ironic political illustration is about a TV discourse. The illustrator’s latest portfolio piece portrays the […]

Martin Tognola / “Quick Drive”

Martin Tognola, in his illustration of “Quick Drive” has re-imagined a washing machine.  This image was completed in collaboration with a Samsung artist. Tognola has combined a vintage phonograph with a washing machine.  Two record players sit side-by-side like a washer and dryer  In Tognola’s illustration, a listener wearing a set of headphones, adjusts a “Quick Drive.”  

Martin Tognola / Jazz Time Festival poster

Martin Tognola created this beautiful poster for the 27th Jazz Time Festival in Barcelona, Spain. The Jazz Time Festival, of the Jazz Musicians Association of Catalonia, takes place every Sunday in September.  It’s an opportunity for families to enjoy jazz, outdoors in the sunshine at midday, in the city square. Tognola chose flowering branches and fingers strumming […]

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Weekly GIF for La Vanguardia.

Praise of Barcelona’s summer Weekly GIF for “Urban Species” column. This article talks about that if you live in Barcelona and have to spend the summer at home, sometimes it’s not too bad. Sometimes.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Barcelona, future’s city. La Vanguardia, special magazine.

“In the stadium as at home” Imagine how will be to go to the football stadium in the future.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Barcelona, City of Dogs

The article talks about how is to live in a city with a lot of dogs, some problems of coexistence and perhaps, electoral advantages for the next elections. La Vanguardia newspaper. Barcelona, Spain.

illustrator Martin Tognola / Stop Mare Mortum

Storytelling about how refugees come to Europe. Contribution for the citizen platform Stop Mare Mortum, about defending and promoting the human rights.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Money magazine

Money Well Spent column. The article talks about using the skates (a gift to his wife) on a trip to the Netherlands, skating down the frozen canal.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / IESE Business School

Why we should never stop learning. “Learning is either a continuing thing or is nothing. “ IESE Business School. Alumni Magazine.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / On Fire – comic

The Movistar communication company asked me a page comic inspired on the TV serie “Billions”. Here are some landscapes from the comic, from New York City.

Martin Tognola recently illustrated for Time Out Barcelona, Mercè Festival

illustrations for the guide “things to do” in Barcelona. The most traditional activities of the Mercè Festival.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / WWD mag.

Inaugural Ball and the Women’s March in Washington DC

Illustrator Martin Tognola / The Chronicle of Philanthropy

When the Humanities higher education worries about their economic future. Art Director: Sue Lalumia

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Money Magazine

“At Peace in the Sun” ilo for the column “money well spent “.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Los Angeles Nagazine

How Spanish Immersion School Made All the Difference for One Family.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / IESE Business School

Martín illustrated about the future of the Boards of Directors and how the technological speed and the globalization change the companies.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / The evolution of exercise. The Washington Post

Martin illustrated an article about The evolution of exercise in 10 iconic fitness trends. Printed and digital edition in GIF versions.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / nicked smiles

“Memories” illustration for a weekly column at La Vanguardia newspaper (Spain)

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Choices Magazine

Martin illustrated an article about “How to break up (Without Being a Jerk About It)”. Some tips for different teenagers situations.

Illustrator Martin Tognola / Xenophobia 2.0 (Op-Ed)

New forms of racism, the same old fears.

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