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Motion & Animation

Martin Tognola / Something sounds wrong. Weekly GIF

Gif from a weekly column created for a Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia. The text is about a false melomaniac how don’t know about music, but talks too much. I have chosen to place a turntable in the center of a bullseye. The arrows loose represents his ignorance. There are no hits!

Martin Tognola / Instructions on how to use a flag!

Illustration for a weekly op-Ed column about the resurgence of nationalism around the world. I wanted to express how patriotic pride discourse blinds people.

Martin Tognola / Incoherent behavior

Illustration for a weekly Op-Ed column about the incoherent behavior between what do we think, what do we say and what do we do. The article begins by talking about school education to finish talking about the new international political currents. La Vanguardia newspaper (Spain)

Martin Tognola / Purposes for 2019

Illustrations for an article about the purposes we have before the start of the new year. At the opening I made a street as if it were a calendar, and a young woman jumping between dates and proposed objectives. The second illustration represents the last year as squares of a table game. And for the […]

Martin Tognola / Exacting justice in favor of banks

Martin Tognola’s illustration for a weekly Op-Ed about the lack of freedoms afforded citizens in Spain’s judicial system. A law in favor of banks that does damage to mortgage holders is the topic. Tognola’s sinister, black-cloaked judge, with an ATM under his robe, tells the story.

Martin Tognola / Two brothers, two separate paths, for La Vanguardia

Martin Tognola created a gif for the Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, about the jealousy and vocation of two brothers. One, with a long professional career, and the other a self-made man, Tognola set out to illustrate two different paths to success. He used the idea of spotlight and shadow to illustrate the rivalry between the two […]

Martin Tognola / “Robot Ready,” the future is here

Martin Tognola explores retail task automation in a series of illustrations for CSP magazine. A report published in the magazine examines notable experiments and achievements in retail task automation.  The article, “Robot Revolution,” explores what a tech-forward c-store of the future might look like and how robotics and AI are changing our workforce. The client’s […]

Martin Tognola / Character design and animation for Citibank

Citibank commissioned Martin Tognola to create characters and motion keyframes for an internal video for employees of its’ Global Consumer Bank division. Tognola’s character design highlights the different personalities that can be brought to life in video simply by changing an expression, a prop or clothing. From a girl wearing a superhero’s cape to another […]

Martin Tognola / Traveling for social media exposure for La Vanguardia

Martin Tognola’s .gif for La Vanguardia newspaper of a traveler’s selfie in a foreign land. Tognola’s illustration was created for a weekly column about people who travel simply to increase their social media following. Rather than traveling for enjoyment, the article describes a group of people who travel to show off while accumulating “Likes” on social media platforms.  

Martin Tognola / Invisible Harvey CD and LP cover

Martin Tognola’s illustration for the last Invisible Harvey CD cover, “It is not fair that you arrive now” (“No es justo que llegues ahora“). Tognola’s image of a man in a burgundy jacket and black pants wearing rabbit ears with a trail of paw prints behind him makes a memorable cover for the Invisible Harvey CD now available on Spotify and Apple […]

Martin Tognola / Overactive summer

Martin Tognola created an illustration for the Sunday supplement magazine of La Vanguardia on the stresses of planning a vacation for children.  Parents, in an effort to make their kids happy, tend to plan vacations with too many activities from kayaking and surfing to attending the circus instead of focusing on quality time together.  

Martin Tognola / Letter to a helicopter

Martin Tognola created this cover illustration for an upcoming CD by Invisible Harvey.  Tognola’s illustration is for the first single, Letter to a Helicopter, from Invisible Harvey’s next CD.

Martin Tognola / The “new” ’68 revolution for Urban Species

Martin Tognola created this .gif for Urban Species‘ weekly column. The text reads: “A tourism invasion of Germans who wish to live in Barcelona.” The copy Tognola illustrated compares Spain’s revolution of ’68 to the current movement taking place in the country.

Martin Tognola / Casting a vote for “Urban Species”

Martin Tognola’s weekly .gif illustration for the column, “Urban Species,” is a candid look at preparing to vote. Tognola’s illustration, for a humorous fictional story about the training involved in voting quickly and correctly in Parliament, is of a woman about to leave the starting gate for a sprint that involves pressing a button to vote.

Martin Tognola / Henry and the Black Knights

Martin Tognola designed a cover illustration and inside pages for the enigmatic young adult novel, Henry and the Black Knights. In the novel, Henry and his grandfather, Gervasio, a former professor, follow clues to unravel the mystery of the Black Knights.  Aided by Alejo, a retired inspector, and the beautiful, Regina, the cast of characters comes to life […]

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