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Roberto Cigna / Welcoming all people

Roberto Cigna’s personal work is a comment on Trump’s suggested ban on immigrants from seven muslim countries. It shows a worker sewing an American flag as two smaller figures hold the flag, preventing it from touching the ground. Cigna reminds us that America was made great by people from all ethnicities and it’s not the color of […]

Roberto Cigna / Plugging into solar power

Roberto Cigna’s recent conceptual illustration on solar energy shows a man on a ladder plugging the earth into the sun. The illustrator points out, in his inventive illustration, that energy is one of the main challenges we face in the future.  Solar power can provide the energy we need.    

Roberto Cigna / When kids surf the web

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of a child surfing the web as a hand emerges from the computer screen offering her a lollipop, is a comment on how easy it is for sexual predators to contact children on the internet via chat rooms, instant messages and email. Cigna’s conceptual illustration of a faceless youth surfing the web warns parents’ to […]

Roberto Cigna / Undercutting women in the workplace

Roberto Cigna explores sexism in the workplace in his illustration of a miniature man cutting the leg of a chair in which a woman in business attire sits. Cigna suggests sexism is still a factor in the workplace, undercutting women, and keeping some women from advancing or maintaining prominent roles. The illustrator presents his idea in […]

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Soda station

Roberto Cigna’s “Soda Station” is a comment on the amount of sugary beverages and soda we drink: according to calculations, 44 gallons on average per year. Cigna compares sugar to the gasoline that fuels our bodies in his illustration of an attendant at at a gas station filling a man’s glass with soda in his conceptual […]

Roberto Cigna / Fishing for knowledge

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of a woman fishing in a pond of books was inspired by an article in Quartz magazine on how much time we spend on social media and watching television. According to the article, we could each read 200 books instead of, on average, the 608 hours we devote to social media and the 1642 […]

Roberto Cigna / Night sky walker

Roberto Cigna’s mysterious illustration entitled, Night Sky Walker, shows a woman holding a candle walking into a black hole. On a background of midnight blue to represent the night sky, we wonder if she’s a sleepwalker, or simply in a dream. Cigna gives few details about this hauntingly surreal illustration the illustrator recently completed as an addition to […]

Roberto Cigna / First date

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of two people meeting for a first date shows a man and woman arriving with masks. Cigna’s illustration suggests that we show up with less than our genuine selves when meeting a romantic prospect for the first time. The illustrator explores the ‘games people play’ in his conceptual illustration created in muted colors and with […]

Roberto Cigna / Taking aim

Roberto Cigna’s arresting illustration is a comment on the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.  It shows a terrorist, in a black hood, taking aim at Spain. Cigna’s powerful image shows that the “game” is real. Spain, painted in red, represents the blood that will be shed when the dart hits its mark. Though […]

Roberto Cigna / Jumping into a new business

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of a businessman jumping with nothing but a parachute suggests that in order to make a soft landing when starting a new business, you need to take the necessary precautions. Cigna’s signature editorial style is evident. Entrepreneurs everywhere can identify with his depiction. The illustrator uses simplified shapes and muted colors in this conceptual illustration depicting the challenges facing […]

Roberto Cigna / Watermelon world

In Roberto Cigna’s illustration of our planet as an enormous watermelon, the illustrator reminds us that while everyone wants a piece of our sweet planet, we sometimes forget to take care of Mother Earth. Cigna’s simple yet powerful message is conveyed in this illustration with soft colors, and clean shapes, as two onlookers observe Earth from a […]

Roberto Cigna / Build a better hometown

Roberto Cigna created these thoughtful illustrations for Real Simple magazine’s August issue on the topic of building a better hometown.  Cigna’s illustrations for the article 15 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in Your Neighborhood portray:15 easy ways to give back, easy ways to be the change, how to make a difference before dinnertime, be your hometown […]

Roberto Cigna / What’s for dinner?

Roberto Cigna illustrates an Australian research study where research participants agree to sample insects as a potential food source. A research fellow is grilling insects in this curious illustration by Cigna of alternative food choices.  A faceless man is about to sample a hard-shelled insect while two large bugs finish cooking on the grill.    

Roberto Cigna / Under the sea

In his tranquil illustration of the sea, Roberto Cigna encourages us to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of water’s depths.  He asks that we clean up afterwards and not disturb ocean life. His poignant message of conservation is perfectly-suited for our time and is expertly depicted as fish assist underwater swimmers and a diver in clearing what’s been left […]

Roberto Cigna / Painting over the issue: Transgender in the military

Roberto Cigna’s illustration is a sharp comment on President Trump’s recent ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. The illustrator suggests that all Americans have the same rights–and duties–and that perhaps the president has forgotten that. By showing the U.S. president painting the toenail of someone dressed in camouflage in his illustration, Cigna, with a disparity in […]

Roberto Cigna / Facing the wall

In his illustration of a dark reality that could represent modern life, Roberto Cigna reflects on the idea that virtual reality has much in common with Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” In Plato’s allegory, the philosopher describes people unable to turn their heads, chained to the wall of a cave, facing a blank wall. Puppeteers behind them, hold […]

Roberto Cigna / Beekeepers’ honey ranch

In Roberto Cigna’s illustration of bees and the flowers they pollinate, beekeepers ranch bees and stir the jar of golden honey these life-giving insects produce. Cigna draws attention to the important role bees play in our ecosystem.  He warns that bees pollinate one-third of everything we eat. The illustrator uses scale to represent how critical bees are to sustaining our food […]

Roberto Cigna / “Like” me

Roberto Cigna’s comment on the trend in social media to “Like” a post is pictured as a chef serving a bowl of ‘thumbs up’ symbols.  The illustration compares “Likes” to the new food for the ego. Instead of having ideas of our own, liking someone else’s idea provides ego gratification. The illustrator’s use of simple […]

Roberto Cigna / In the palm of your hand

In this illustration, a small piece of land literally sits in the palm of a hand. With a soft, limited palette and minimalist imagery, this drawing shows that the responsibility for our environment rests in our hands. The illustrator urges us to protect the beautiful world we inhabit. His powerful message is clear: It’s our home. Protect the […]

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Can an artificial intelligence create art?

Robot uses deep learning and big data to write and play its own music in a lab at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Animals and the Circus

Animals are not an entertainment, let them out from the circus.

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