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Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Plant’s ability

Plants can smell, now researchers know how. The ability is in their genes. Researchers have discovered the first steps of how information from odor molecules changes gene expression in plants.

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / “Turning up the Heat on ICE”

Last one for Northeastern Law magazine, Winter 2019 issue. Mark Gabrenya AD. “Turning up the Heat on ICE” The federal government created ICE two years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to carry out immigration enforcement and assist with national security. Critics assert the agency has conflated that dual mission and, under President […]

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Forbidden Fruit

Love is not a crime. Actually a total of 75 nations still have laws against homosexuality, including 45 in which sexual relationships between women are outlawed. There are eight countries in which homosexuality can result in a death penalty, and dozens more in which homosexual acts can result in a prison sentence, according to an […]

Roberto Cigna / Broken wing

Roberto Cigna is commemorating the upcoming International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to take place on Sunday, November 25th. Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. Impacts range from immediate to long-term physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls, up to and including death. Cigna’s […]

Roberto Cigna / Children mourning pets for Tuft magazine

Roberto Cigna’s illustration for Tuft magazine for the article, “Children Mourning Pets,” about how to help a child process the loss of a pet. In the article, a veterinary social worker discusses healthy ways that kids and parents can grieve a beloved pet’s death. Cigna’s shadow image of a dog receiving the loving attention of […]

Roberto Cigna / “Rising stars” cover illustration for Lexpert Magazine

Roberto Cigna created a cover illustration for Lexpert magazine for their “Rising Stars” issue in November. Leading lawyers under 40 were honored at an annual gala event held at the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto. Cigna’s image of a bright star amid many stars illustrates the subject powerfully.

Roberto Cigna / “Moments to Spare” for Science magazine

Roberto Cigna’s illustration for Science magazine for the article, “Moments to Spare,” on an early warning system for earthquake activity recently released by the U.S. Geological Survey. ShakeAlert notifies residents seconds before a quake illustrating just how important those few seconds can be. Cigna’s illustration of a man escaping a cracking hourglass that shows seismic […]

Roberto Cigna / Winds of change for Aplus magazine

Roberto Cigna created three illustrations for the October issue of Aplus magazine, the official magazine of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The article, “Time for change,” discusses the standard for maintaining integrity within the auditing profession.  According to the article, the winds of change are blowing across the audit world. Cigna’s wind-driven […]

Roberto Cigna / “Looking after number one” for The Guardian

Roberto Cigna’s latest illustration for The Guardian, illustrating the article, “Looking after number one.” The author, Josh Jacobs, writes, “Sworn at, forced to sleep in the office, fired at will: what’s it really like to work for an MP?” Little is known about the treatment of Westminster staffers. In the piece, illustrated by Cigna, former and […]

Roberto Cigna / Dentistry that comes to you

Roberto Cigna’s illustration for the article, “The doctor will see you now…in the conference room,” for Tufts Now. The article is about a company that brings dentistry to you, right in the office, for onsite dental hygiene. Cigna’s fun image of a dental hygienist making a landing on a tooth-shaped balloon is the perfect portrayal for such […]

Roberto Cigna / Economic Yo-Yo

Roberto Cigna’s comment on the last few years of the European economy.  Up and down like a yo-yo.  Here a man waits and watches to see the “finish” of this economic game.

Roberto Cigna / “Love is Love”

Roberto Cigna’s recent illustration was inspired by news from Eastern Europe and in particular, Romania, about gay unions. A referendum establishing a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Romania failed – after only a fifth of the nation’s voters turned out. Just 20.4% of eligible voters cast ballots short of the 30% needed. Results came […]

Roberto Cigna / Start-ups and innovation for Focus Business

Roberto Cigna created this illustration on innovation for a recent article in Focus Business magazine.  The impact that start-ups are having on Germany’s economy was the subject of an article that hails start-ups as the growth champions in 2018. Cigna’s hot air balloon, made up of hundreds of small balloons, represents the power of start-ups to […]

Roberto Cigna / Legal news for Focus Spezial

Roberto Cigna illustrated the article, “That’s how you get your rights,” for the August/September issue of Germany’s Focus Spezial. The article presents tips from professionals and discusses legal judgments in Germany.  Some areas of interest that appear include internet, labor, traffic, inheritance, tax, family and medical law. Featured are suggestions on finding the right lawyer as […]

Roberto Cigna / Women’s bodies

Roberto Cigna’s comment on the difficulty some women have in accepting their bodies is an illustration inspired by an article Cigna read in New Statesman. According to Cigna, a woman’s inability to accept her body is an everyday occurrence. Many of us pay no heed to just how deeply it cuts into a woman’s sense […]

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