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Gemma Correll / Packaging illustration for Amazon Echo Dot

Gemma Correll collaborated with Amazon to create packaging for its new Echo Dot Kids’ Edition. Her white line drawings of a child listening, a rocket launching and a happy fish in a fishbowl appear on the covers of the new packaging. Correll has been working with Amazon since 2017 to create print and digital advertising […]

Gemma Correll / Ad campaign for Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot

Gemma Correll illustrated a fun, eye-catching campaign for Amazon’s Smart Devices: the new Echo and Echo Dot. Correll’s illustrations can be seen at public transport stops, on social media, in print, and in public spaces all over the UK and Germany. The US campaign is due to be released in the near future. The illustrator brings Amazon’s devices […]

Gemma Correll / A light touch for people battling mental illness

Gemma Correll’s illustrations of what mental illness feels like received the Media Award at the 2017 Mental Health America Awards. Correll’s work on the #mentalhealthfeelslike campaign in 2015 and 2016, illustrates OCD, psychosis, and depression. The illustrator drew a series of images based on user submissions to a hashtag. They were shared on social media and on the MHA website. Correll’s […]

Gemma Correll /created a series of funny illustrations for British Feminine hygeine brand Bodyform

Gemma Correll has created a series of funny illustrations for British Feminine hygeine brand Bodyform, described as “brilliant” by the London Metro newspaper. The campaign encourages women to become more vocal about their periods and seeks to remove the stigma surrounding them. The campaign has already proved highly successful on social media, with 12,000 – […]

Illustrator Gemma Correll / Uncle Shawn and Bill

Gemma Correll created the quirky, fun illustrations for well-known author A.L. Kennedy’s first children’s book, “Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure”, which The Guardian called “surreal and funny”.

Illustrator Gemma Correll / BBC Body Positive

Gemma Correll created several illustrations for the BBC’s Body Positive campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to create funny and engaging comics, aimed particularly at young women, for use on social media.

Illustrator Gemma Correll / Google Allo

Gemma Correll designed a sticker set for the new Google Allo app, called “Pudding the Cry Baby” – the stickers feature a sensitive little french bulldog named Pudding.

Illustrator Gemma Correll / Pugly On Ice

Gemma Correll illustrated Pamela Butchart’s new children’s book “Pugly On Ice” – the third in the “Pugly…” series by the Blue Peter Award-winning author. Published by Nosy Crow, “Pugly On Ice” is about an adventurous pug and his cat sidekick, Clem.

Gemma Correll interviewed in Creative Boom

Gemma Correll talks illustration, funny pugs, introvertism and life in sunny California

Illustrator Gemma Correll / Pugly Bakes a Cake

Gemma Correll illustrated Blue Peter Award winner Pamela Butchart’s latest, sweet and very funny, children’s book “Pugly Bakes a Cake” for Nosy Crow.

To Dry For

Gemma Correll has designed a tea towel in conjunction with the UK-based company To Dry For, to commemorate what is surely to be the wedding of the decade, if not the century… ahem. The tea towel was featured in The Independent newspaper’s Royal Wedding Memorabilia section last weekend.

AGM Welcomes Gemma Correll!

Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator currently based in the UK, a graduate of the Norwich School of Art and Design (BA hons Illustration, First Class, 2006) Gemma’s work has a strong narrative basis and she specialises in hand-drawn comics, characters, typography and pattern. She has exhibited all over the world; in China, the US […]