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Motion & Animation

Katy Lemay / Biking to the Opera in heels for Velo Québec magazine

Katy Lemay created this illustration to show how trendy and fashionable women are when biking in the city of Montréal. Wearing high heels can be so very practical while you wait for a green light on the way to the Opera.  

Katy Lemay / To the moon and back

Katy Lemay created a series of collages inspired by Victorian portraits and lost memories for her portfolio. Her clever pairings of vintage cutouts create 3D impressions of people and objects in surreal settings and situations.

Katy Lemay / How to create a financial crisis

Katy Lemay’s, “How to Create a Financial Crisis,” is a conversation via text messaging with Léon Courville, professor of economics and former president and chief operating officer of National Bank of Canada. Courville invites users to create a financial crisis to understand its theoretical underpinnings and, more importantly, the human behavior behind any crisis. Optimized for […]

Katy Lemay for À nous Montréal magazine

Katy Lemay’s illustration for, À nous Montréal magazine, focuses on two Montréal-based tech companies improving the way we drive our cars. Lemay’s innovative editorial illustration shows a man placing a marker on a city street. A car, driving through a maze of streets, is the object of his investigation.    

Katy Lemay / More than just neighbors

Katy Lemay’s curious illustration in The Globe and Mail‘s Facts & Arguments section explores the benefits of apartment living.  It’s featured alongside a story about the positive impact of living in an apartment for both adults and children. Lemay captures the generational effect on grandparents and their grandkids in her creative collaged illustration.      

Katy Lemay Illustrates for / Oprah Magazine/ Reading Room

Katy Lemay illustrates for Oprah Magazine for the Reading Room section For the book Theft by Finding: Diaries 1977–2002” by David Sedaris.

Illustrator Katy Lemay / The Johns Hopkins University/ Healthy Eyes

Katy Lemay Illustrates for The Johns Hopkins University about the importance of having healthy eyes.

Illustrator Katy Lemay / illustrates for CBC to celebrate David Suzuki 80th birthday

Katy Lemay did the illustrations for an candid and animated video to celebrate the 80th anniversary of David Suzuki for CBC.

Katy Lemay illustrates for Time Magazine.

Katy did some nice colorful illustrations for Time Magazine. Summer Reading , for the beach or bedside table .

Katy Lemay For L’Actualité Magazine

Are you afraid of the Apple Watch? Katy Lemay for L’Actualité Magazine

Les Affaires

Katy Lemay had fun illustrating this metaphor transformation for the financial magazine Les Affaires.

Katy Lemay illustrates for Readers Digest Canada

Katy Lemay illustrated a feature on Steve Nash , the famous basketball star, for Readers Digest Canada.

Drôles d’écoles – animated promotional trailer

This animation was done to promote the October release of the book «Drôles d’écoles». It’s written by François Gravel and illustrated by Katy Lemay, with Quebec-Amerique the publishing company.

Katy Lemay for Readers Digest

I did this illustration for Readers Digest. The text was written in November 1950 and re-edited. I love to be part of history in some ways…

Katy Lemay for Premium Magazine

Katy Lemay illustrates a full page for Premium magazine about having the means to reach an ambition in business.

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