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Kotynski / The importance of sex education

Kotynski illustrated an article on sex education for the Polish Women’s magazine, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, for its November issue. An interview with a sexologist on the importance of sex education and how proper sex education shapes a woman’s future, Kotynski’s image of a man and a woman behind torn paper, art directed by Katarzyna Ongirska, […]

Kotynski / Are We All from Mars?

Kotynski created an illustration for Tomek Kwasniewski’s interview with an astrobiology professor who claims life could come from Mars for the October issue of Wysokie Obcasy Extra (High Heels Extra). The publication is a popular Polish women’s magazine. The article proposes that in an early stage Mars had life in the form of microalgae, based upon […]

Kotynski / Young debtors for Newsweek

Kotynski created a double-page illustration for the Society section of the latest issue of Newsweek‘s Polish edition for an article about the younger generation, banks and debt. According to the article, younger people are living as if they’re rich. Taking loans they are unable to pay off, showing off by hosting parties, taking expensive vacations, […]

Kotynski / Seeing through the glass ceiling

Kotynski’s cover illustration for the latest issue of The Real Deal‘s Winter 2018 Issue (Los Angeles). The article discusses how women are underrepresented and largely underpaid in the world of commercial real estate. The magazine also explores a connection between commercial real estate and the #MeToo movement. Kotynski’s image of a woman looking through a glass […]

Kotynski / ‘iGeneration’ for Newsweek, Polish edition

Kotynski created an illustrated spread for a cover story appearing in Newsweek, Polish edition, on the ‘iGeneration.’ His illustration was art directed by Magdalena Mamajek-Mich. The article, about the current generation of teens and how social media is affecting them, touches on the topic of unhealthy perfectionism, how it breeds narcissistic solitude and leads to shallow personal […]

Kotynski / Jubilee issue of Car and Driver magazine

Kotynski created an illustration for the 750th Jubilee issue of Car and Driver magazine, published in December, 2017. Illustrating an article by Daniel Pund on how Jeep Corporation has drained power and money from other corporations over the years, Kotynski worked with Creative Director, Darin Johnson. The illustrator’s Jeep morphing into a black widow is a representation of unethical corporate behavior.  

Kotynski / ‘Yellow Self Defense’ for a women’s monthly in Poland

  Kotynski created an illustration for an upcoming issue of Wysokie Obcasy Extra, a monthly women’s magazine in Poland. Developed for an interview with two female lawyers who give advice how to protect against sexual harassment at work, Kotynski shows a poster of a naked woman with post-it notes covering essentials on the wall behind an office worker answering a phone. […]

Kotynski / Illustrations for Newsweek, Polish edition

Kotynski’s created two editorial illustrations for Newsweek, Polish edition. The first entitled, “Sunday Shopping,” (Newsweek PL 50/2017) for an article about the planned closing of stores on Sundays in Poland and its impact on culture and families and “Marching,” (Newsweek PL 52/2017 – 1/2018) a prediction on the future of technology and how it will affect everyday lives.  

Kotynski / Data Wars

Kotynski created an editorial illustration featuring invented superheroes for The Real Deal, New York’s real estate news magazine. The article, on how big data companies fight against one another in the real estate world, was art directed by Paul Dilakian. Kotynski’s neon characters prepare for combat atop towering buildings while impressions of data appear as vapors in the sky behind them.

Kotynski / Watch out for the moose

Kotynski illustrated an interview with two motoring enthusiasts for Wysokie Obcasy Extra Monthly, about self-driving cars. The interview mentioned the fear of stray objects and animals in the road such as a moose plus other questionable behaviors of self-steering cars. Kotynski’s image exaggerates the apprehensions many drivers have about turning over the wheel in an automated car.  

Kotynski / Cover illustrations for The Real Deal

Kotynski created two cover illustrations for The Real Deal magazine, a magazine of real estate news, art directed by Paul Dilakian. A cover illustration for the Summer 2017 issue of the Westchester/Fairfield Market Report illustrates a story about a national real estate firm acquiring a smaller Westchester-based firm and the adjustment period that ensued. A second cover was for […]

Kotynski / Tuning out political news

Przemek Kotynski, created an illustration for Newsweek on the current state of mind of many people who are tired of seeing, hearing, and talking about politics. The Newsweek article, by Aleksandra Pawlicka, which appeared in Poland’s edition of Newsweek, chronicles the desire of a large group of people to tune out news about political in-fighting and intrigue; insulating […]

We’ re delighted to be representing Polish Illustrator, Kotyński

Kotynski, is an award winning Polish illustrator who lives and works in Warsaw. He has spent several years working in video games, film and the advertising sector, as an art director. Kotyński, has also directed an animated movie. After years of working in all these various creative fields, Kotyński, decided to settle down and focus […]