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Kotynski / Tuning out political news

Przemek Kotynski, created an illustration for Newsweek on the current state of mind of many people who are tired of seeing, hearing, and talking about politics. The Newsweek article, by Aleksandra Pawlicka, which appeared in Poland’s edition of Newsweek, chronicles the desire of a large group of people to tune out news about political in-fighting and intrigue; insulating […]

We’ re delighted to be representing Polish Illustrator, Kotyński

Kotynski, is an award winning Polish illustrator who lives and works in Warsaw. He has spent several years working in video games, film and the advertising sector, as an art director. Kotyński, has also directed an animated movie. After years of working in all these various creative fields, Kotyński, decided to settle down and focus […]