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Nathalie Dion / Cover illustration for Dialogue MD magazine

Nathalie Dion created this cover illustration for Dialogue MD  magazine on continuity of care. Volume 14 of the magazine, published by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Canada, features best practices of communication between health care professionals to prevent patients from falling through the cracks. Dion’s well-crafted two-color plus black and white illustration of health care providers and patients as […]

Nathalie Dion / Course correction for The Spark magazine

Nathalie Dion’s illustration for The Spark magazine on how the grandmother of senior director of interior services at Brookdale Senior Living, Laura Busalacchi, and a desire to work in a creative field, intersected. Busalacchi’s personal experience of seeing her grandmother placed in a nursing home after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and how the design of that facility impacted her decline, […]

Nathalie Dion / Cover illustration for Dialogue MD

Nathalie Dion created a cover illustration for Dialogue MD magazine, published by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, on how to close a medical practice. Dion’s illustration of a doctor’s white coat and stethoscope on a hanger hung from a nail on the wall targets the journal’s demographic.

Nathalie Dion / Illustrating the children’s book, Debout!, éditions D’eux

Nathalie Dion’s illustrations for the children’s book, Debout! éditions D’eux, by Mikaël Escoffier, have been selected in the children’s book category for the 3 X 3 Illustration. Dion’s whimsical, poignant illustrations of a boy’s world of adventure and dreams were created with delicate line, soft texture and a muted palette.

Nathalie Dion / Simple recipes, stories and illustration for Première Moisson

Nathalie Dion collaborated with the creators of the new publication, Première Moisson, a refined booklet that includes simple recipes, stories, some beautiful photography and absolutely no ads. Thanks to art director, Sonia Bluteau of Madore Atelier, “Les carnets de Josée Fiset” is now available for viewing. Dion’s fanciful, sensitive illustrations make this publication a must have for admirers of illustration […]

Nathalie Dion / The stadium queen for Santé Inc.

Nathalie Dion illustrated an article for Santé Inc. on how difficult it is for a doctor to tell her patient, who is an athlete, that she has Stage 4 cancer. Dion’s illustration shows a doctor tipping an awards stand as a track and field athlete falls off. Her image illustrates how this athlete’s fate is now in her doctor’s […]

Nathalie Dion / A tree-trimming triumph

Nathalie Dion illustrates the steps one follows that result in the perfect Christmas tree in her charming illustration for HGTV magazine’s December issue. Dion shows a young family cutting, transporting and trimming a Christmas tree together.

Nathalie Dion / Cover illustration for the novel, Les Gammes

Nathalie Dion exhibited a painting that was noticed by the Groupe D’édition la Courte Échelle, Inc. Dion’s painting was selected to become the cover illustration for the novel, Les Gammes, by Christine Daffe. Dion’s sensitive cover illustration of a girl by a window plays with reflections and color washes.      

Nathalie Dion / In her shoes: Thoughts on managing virtual business

Nathalie Dion completed a series of editorial illustrations for Working Mother magazine on the topic of setting boundaries when placing business calls and sending emails. “I Can’t Unplug from Work, and It’s Affecting My Colleague’s Job,” appeared in the September issue of Working Mother. The article suggests ways to avoid miscommunication when conducting business virtually. Dion […]

Illustrator Nathalie Dion-Communication Arts Illustration Annual 58

Check out the last Communication Arts Illustration Annual 58. Nathalie Dion’s self-promo series “struggles” is among the winners.

Ilustrator Nathalie Dion on Medical help to die.

A doctor was asked by a friend the medical help to die.

Nathalie Dion Illustrates a piece on How to raise a kid who gives back

In this month’s Family Circle magazine, Nathalie illustrated this text on how to raise a kid who gives back.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion’ -Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition at Georges Laoun’s Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ boutique. Now until Feb. 28th. 1396 Sherbrooke W.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Loving a cat and taking a nap.

Nathalie Dion on the inherent difficulty of combining taking a nap, wearing a bun, lying on a mat and loving a cat.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / ARTGANG MTL

Nathalie’s painting is part of a collective exhibition that celebrates Mtl’s 375th anniversary. You can visit the ephemere outside gallery by following this link

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Kiplinger magazine

Nathalie Dion illustrated this article about ways to de-stress your life for Kiplinger magazine.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Christmas bird’s reunion

Nathalie Dion just finished this illustration for a christmas card and why not… did a little gif for the fun of it!

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Boris Bouchons

Wine importor/Importateur de vins

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