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Illustrator Nathalie Dion-Communication Arts Illustration Annual 58

Check out the last Communication Arts Illustration Annual 58. Nathalie Dion’s self-promo series “struggles” is among the winners.

Ilustrator Nathalie Dion on Medical help to die.

A doctor was asked by a friend the medical help to die.

Nathalie Dion Illustrates a piece on How to raise a kid who gives back

In this month’s Family Circle magazine, Nathalie illustrated this text on how to raise a kid who gives back.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion’ -Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition at Georges Laoun’s Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ boutique. Now until Feb. 28th. 1396 Sherbrooke W.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Loving a cat and taking a nap.

Nathalie Dion on the inherent difficulty of combining taking a nap, wearing a bun, lying on a mat and loving a cat.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / ARTGANG MTL

Nathalie’s painting is part of a collective exhibition that celebrates Mtl’s 375th anniversary. You can visit the ephemere outside gallery by following this link

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Kiplinger magazine

Nathalie Dion illustrated this article about ways to de-stress your life for Kiplinger magazine.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Christmas bird’s reunion

Nathalie Dion just finished this illustration for a christmas card and why not… did a little gif for the fun of it!

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Le paragpigeons

Personnal work. Inktober 2016

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Boris Bouchons

Wine importor/Importateur de vins

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / I’ll never make that mistake again, HGTV Magazine

Nathalie Dion recently realized this series of illustrations for HGTV magazine about decorating mistakes.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Santé Inc. magazine

Even touhg this might look like a painting from her summer vacation this really is an editorial illustration about a fishing adventure for Santé Inc. magazine.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Around a tea cup, gouaches

Nathalie Dion recently exhibited a series of gouaches at galerie Espace in Montreal along with illustrators Céline Malépart, Virginie Egger and Ninon Pelletier.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Exhibition in Montreal.

From April 21st until April 26 th, Nathalie Dion will be exhibiting a series of her gouache paintings on the theme “tea time” at Galerie Espace with illustrator Ninon Pelletier, Virginie Egger and Céline Malépart.

Illustrtator Nathalie Dion / Footwear News

Theses days, it is difficult for big shoe comapnies to find qualified people for high level positions.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Zazie, ça va être correct, Éditions Hurtubise

Nathalie illustrated this novel written by Marie-Renée Lavoie. A teenage girl from a family of 5 with her bf (unique child) try to enter her school’s basketball team.

Nathalie Dion creates a new venture / My dear patient,

Nathalie created this image for, an online boutique with cards exclusively designed for chiropractors. This one is for their dear little patients.

Nathalie Dion / Coup de Pouce Magazine

Pourquoi les cerises coûtent cher? In June’s Coup de Pouce Magazine.

Illustrator Nathalie Dion / Coup de Pouce Magazine

Le goût, ça se culitve? pour le magazine Coup de Pouce

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