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Motion & Animation

Tony Healey / Financial Times 2018

Composite image of the faces drawn in 2018 for FTfm (a separate section of the Financial Times newspaper published every Monday for the global fund management industry). A portrait was created each week for the Monday profile/interview page.

Tony Healey / Forbes Magazine

Portrait of tech billionaire, Joseph Liemandt for “The Forbes 400” 2018 Special Issue of Forbes magazine. The Forbes 400 is the definitive list of wealth in America, profiling and ranking the country’s richest billionaires by their estimated worth.

Tony Healey / Portrait for the Financial Times

Tony Healey’s weekly profile portrait for the Financial Times. Healey’s ink and watercolor rendering, digitally completed, shows an expert use of line and color wash to create a striking likeness of his subject.    

Tony Healey / Portrait illustration for MEED magazine

Tony Healey has been commissioned by MEED magazine to create portrait illustrations on an ongoing basis. The magazine, produced in Dubai, focuses on business in the Middle East. Healey’s watercolor and ink illustration offers a life-like representation of his subject.  

Tony Healey / Cover illustration for DAL Magazine

Tony Healey created portraits for DAL Magazine, Spring 2018 issue, including this cover illustration of Dr. Nicole Ward, a 1997 Killam Scholar. Dalhousie University’s flagship publication, DAL Magazine is a key link between the university and its alumni, faculty, staff, students and the community. Healey’s line and tone illustrations were created in blue and ochre to reflect the university’s color palette […]

Tony Healey / Head shots for Biz New Orleans magazine

Tony Healey recently completed eight head shots for Biz New Orleans magazine. Healey fulfilled the client’s request for a red background for each portrait. His candid line drawings with color washes capture each of his subjects naturally.

Tony Healey / Faces of 2017 for the Financial Times

Tony Healey created this composite image of the faces he’s drawn for the Financial Times FTfm (a separate section of the newspaper published each Monday for the global fund management industry) throughout 2017.  Healey created an individual portrait each week for the past year on the Face to Face profile page of the Financial Times. Healey’s naturalistic style of rendering captured an outstanding likeness […]

Tony Healey / Pencil portrait

Tony Healey’s created a pencil drawing on paper with digital color as a recent addition to his illustration portfolio. Healey uses line, toned paper, and crosshatching to add dimension to his celebrity portrait.

Tony Healey / A recluse steps out: Don Henley turns 70

A beautifully-rendered caricature of Don Henley, singer-songwriter, producer, drummer, and founding member of the band, Eagles, in his bathrobe and slippers enjoying a cup of coffee and a Dallas newspaper.  Henley is known as Dallas’ most reclusive celebrity. An illustration created for D magazine to promote Henley’s birthday celebration: the singer-songwriter is hosting a 70th birthday concert on July 22nd […]

A new personal piece by Illustrator Tony Healey

Personal Work. Traditional pencil drawing on paper/digital colour.


Works in ink and watercolour show the versatility and power of this medium. This show is presented in partnership with The Association of Illustrators and comprises work from its members. The Cass Art Space, 66-67 Colebrooke Row, London N1 8AB 16TH – 30TH MAY 17

Illustrator Tony Healey / Financial Times/ Weekly profile portrait

Weekly profile portrait for the Financial Times.

Illustrator Tony Healey / Personal Work

Personal work/ traditional pencil drawing – digital colour.

Tony Healey illustrates for The Financial Times

Step-by-step drawings for weekly portrait.

Illustrator Tony Healey / The Financial Times

Tony Healey illustrates the weekly Face to face profile page for FTfm.

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