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Motion & Animation

Nick Ogonosky / Migraine

As someone who suffers from high-frequency migraines, Nick is often asked exactly what does it feel like when he’s experiencing one. He decided to interpret what a migraine feels like through one of his simplistic yet graphic illustrations.

Nick Ogonosky / Lending a hand for The Chornicle of Philanthropy

Nick Ogonosky illustrated an article for The Chronicle of Philanthropy on the need for large corporations to lend a hand to employees from diverse backgrounds who face social oppression. Ogonosky’s vision of what that would look like is a line of corporate giants with hands outstretched reaching out to individuals in need.  

Nick Ogonosky / A pink elephant plus gatherers and hunters for The Boston Globe

Nick Ogonosky was commissioned by The Boston Globe to create an illustration for an article about diet and health.  The article on how eating habits have changed since the time of hunters and gatherers compares the millennial diet to earlier diets. Nick’s colorful, humorous approach to the assignment shows the cultural clash in a charming […]

Nick Ogonosky / Hot Car Deaths for Texas Monthly

Nick Ogonosky was asked to create three illustrations for an editorial piece on infant hot car deaths for Texas Monthly. Ogonosky’s illustrations for the magazine range from a conceptual image of a mother and father holding an infant entangled in the stems of flowers to a teddy bear placed on the back seat of a […]

Nick Ogonosky / True Confessions of a Reluctant Administrator

Nick Ogonosky was asked to create an illustration for The Chronicle of Higher Education for an article entitled, “True Confessions of a Reluctant Administrator.” With an emphasis on an alarming amount of paperwork and responsibility that comes with being an administrator, Ogonosky’s visual solution was to depict hands beckoning, reaching for, and offering paperwork to an administrator hiding in a corner to […]

Nick Ogonosky / Four illustrations for House Notes

Nick Ogonosky was recently commissioned to create four illustrations for House Notes magazine including a cover illustration for the “Nourish” issue. The cover depicts a bountiful oasis of life and nourishment, the theme of the issue. Interior illustrations feature three chefs’ accounts of their childhood memories related to food. Ogonosky’s dreamlike, abstract imagery is both […]

Nick Ogonosky / Twenty-four hours in New York City

Nick Ogonosky was asked to illustrate a feature on Fernando Garcia’s (of Monse fame) favorite things to do when in New York City for twenty-four hours. An early morning river run, indulging in a few late night drinks and eating octopus at his favorite restaurant are some of Garcia’s top picks. Nick chose to depict Garcia’s favorites in an abstract, conceptual […]

We’re thrilled to welcome US Illustrator, Nicolas Ogonsky to our Gang!

Nick Ogonosky has always felt the need to create. As a child, Nick and his brother would sit for hours drawing comic book characters or whatever came out onto the paper. Ironically enough, his brother was always the better drawer back then. After growing up and realizing that he couldn’t realistically be a paleontologist or […]