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Andrea Ucini / Avoiding the “Like Syndrome”

In Andrea Ucini’s social issues illustration, he pokes fun at the obsession we have with being liked on social media sites. According to the illustrator, the “Like Syndrome”  in now affecting the British, Irish, Americans, Canadians, and Australians.  His tongue-in-cheek illustration warns that doctors say, “Likeitis” can be fatal, if not treated. He notes that experts say it doesn’t […]

Andrea Ucini / Leaning into the unknown

Andrea Ucini believes that allowing oneself some vulnerability, in life as well as love, becomes an individual’s greatest strength. In this illustration of a man falling backwards from a cliff with only a red balloon for support, Ucini–with minimal color, abstract stone formations, and a massive cloud–shows us that taking risks is a natural part of life.  Without […]

Andrea Ucini / When a love story ends

In Andrea Ucini’s poignant illustration of a woman clearing a path through a heart crafted from flowers, the illustrator shows that even loving relationships sometimes must end. Vibrant red roses against a yellow-green lawn with a large shadow looming overhead symbolize the painful process of cutting down a love lost. Ucini portrays the often solitary decision to separate in this […]

Andrea Ucini / Italy’s banks: An acrobatic act?

Andrea Ucini’s telling illustration of an acrobat, dressed in the colors of the Italian flag, holding onto a flagpole while a black crow perches on his leg, portrays the unsettled state of Italy’s banks. The country’s banking system enjoyed apparent immunity in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. It’s minimal exposure to the global crash caused by the subprime […]

Andrea Ucini Illustrates The Pain Is Real: Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body.

When your heart is broken, it can feel like the end of the world. No amount of pain has ever felt so agonizing or concentrated. It’s like a giant hole was pummeled into your chest, with no hope of repair.

Illustrator Andrea Ucini No money? Creative ways to take a vacation at home

No money in the budget for an exotic vacation this year? Don’t despair. You can plan a fabulous, fun “staycation” in your hometown, full of spontaneous and invigorating new experiences. With a creative mindset, you can have a fun vacation at home for a fraction of the cost of traveling.

Illustrator Andrea Ucini / Silvio Berlusconi. The untouchable man

How corruption has prevented to shed light on the events between Berlusconi and mafia in Italy

Illustrator Andrea Ucini / How to Know When You’ve Met the One

A good partner is one that accepts you for who you are. A great partner, on the other hand, accepts you and loves you for who you are, but also pushes you to be your best. You know you’ve met the ultimate better half when they make you want to be better.

Andrea Ucini Illustratration/ The political circus

While the political circus continues to dominate headlines and raise our collective blood pressure – regardless of which seat you have in the big top – the country is not moving

Andrea Ucini Illustrates / LIFE AFTER DEATH

Scientists reveal shock findings from groundbreaking study

Illustrator Andrea Ucini / Clayton Kershaw Is Major League Baseball’s Highest-Paid Player

Baseball’s top earner this year is Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, who will make $33 million. Even though he’s regarded by many as the best pitcher in the majors, that price tag would appear staggeringly high considering starting pitchers are only expected to start anywhere between 30 and 34 games.

Andrea Ucini Illustrates for / How Investment Scams Work

Most investment scams use the same basic principles: promises of great profit, assurances of no risk and assertions of urgency and secrecy. The con artist is likable, friendly and professional. But In the end, you make no profit

Teaching children to protect themselves online/illustration Andrea Ucini

It’s chilling for parents with children spending more and more time online. “Stranger danger” is an overstated threat and we know children are at greatest risk from people close to home, but when it comes to the internet, the world of strangers is vast and borderless. It’s easy for those with criminal intent to disguise […]

Andrea Ucini Illustrates / The importance of being-Coverbook

From a book that tells the story of a normal man and his dreams. A very touching story by Emanuel Solina, a friend who I collaborated last years for a cover book.

Illustrator Andrea Ucini / Which Country Is Facing the Most Difficult Economic Challenges?

Which Country Is Facing the Most Difficult Economic Challenges?

Andrea Ucini / Why it’s so hard to stop the use of weapons?

There are relatively controlled “gun cultures” as well as decontrolled and dangerous ones, where you can legally purchase a lethal weapon from a total stranger in a car park, well below the radar of the authorities. Some 40% of US gun sales are thought to be “off the books” in this fashion.

Andrea Ucini Illustration/ When journalism is fear and courage

How journalism tries to shed light on the truth on Mafia in Italy. It sounds like a hope!

Andrea Ucini / Illustration of Doctors Without Borders

MSF was created on the belief that all people have the right to medical care regardless of gender, race, religion, creed, or political affiliation, and that the needs of these people outweigh respect for national boundaries.

Andrea Ucini / Illustration/Does soccer have a doping problem?

There are 65,000 professional male and female soccer players in the world and, according to world governing body FIFA, 31,242 doping tests were carried out worldwide, with 61 samples (0.20%) testing positive.

Illustrator Andrea Ucini / A tea with terrorist

How the positive approach to negativity affects situations

Illustrator Andrea Ucini / What is ADHD?

Kids with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. They may understand what’s expected of them but have trouble following through because they can’t sit still, pay attention, or focus on details.

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