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Andrea Ucini / Zika’s costly sting

Andrea Ucini created a cover illustration for Carey Business magazine on Zika virus. Carey Business is a publication of Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. Zika virus, a mosquito-borne flavivirus identified in Uganda in 1947 in monkeys, was discovered through a network that monitored yellow fever. Identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and the […]

Andrea Ucini / How depression affects family life

Andrea Ucini points out that depression isn’t just a medical condition, it’s a family matter in his illustration of a young boy playing catch alone while the shadow of his father appears through a window. The behavior and mood of a depressed person affects the whole family, according to Ucini, who says that the irritability associated with […]

Andrea Ucini / Try smiling instead of Prozac

If you’d like to feel happier, Andrea Ucini suggests eating seaweed, finding a new hairstyle, sending fewer emails, going dancing and spending less money. Ucini says these pursuits are superior to popping pills. These keys to happiness, says Ucini, are according to Italy’s most eminent scientists.  Ucini’s illustration of a man in darkness looking up and lit by a sliver of […]

Andrea Ucini / When the shoe fits

Andrea Ucini’s illustration featuring a glass slipper suggests there’s only one perfect investor for every company: that Cinderella who fits into the glass shoe. Ucini’s crystal footwear sparkles, creating rays of light all around, when a business owner discovers that the shoe of his investor, in fact, fits.  

Andrea Ucini / Reconsidering a Mars landing

Andrea Ucini created an illustration to represent NASA’s bold plan to reach Mars by 2030. Ucini suspects NASA may not actually land on the red planet after all. It appears the space agency is finally ready to admit, at current costs, it doesn’t have the money to land anyone on Mars or to bring them back. Ucini shows […]

Andrea Ucini / Local and global consequences of deforestation

Andrea Ucini turns the world on its side in his illustration on deforestation: the felling and clearance of forest land worldwide. Forests cover about a quarter of the total land surface on the planet. Reducing this valuable resource through deforestation creates an environmental threat locally and globally. Ucini shows a man cutting down a tree, and as a consequence, the landscape flips vertically. […]

Andrea Ucini / How we perceive others

Andrea Ucini believes the brain determines how we perceive who’s nice and who isn’t. His charming illustration of an enormous bouquet of flowers in the shape of a brain–and right in front of a woman’s face–portrays how our brains, rather than our senses, influence our opinions of others. In Ucini’s conceptual illustration, a red rose symbolizes empathy.   […]

Andrea Ucini / Which way to go

Andrea Ucini has reinvented the American flag by converting its 13 stripes into a labyrinth in his comment on the state of America today. Ucini suggests it’s hard to find a clear path to the stars which, he says, symbolize the heart of the country. A miniature man, lost in the middle of a labyrinth, doesn’t know which way […]

Andrea Ucini / Climate change: Should we switch to panic mode?

Andrea Ucini comments on climate change and the need to be prepared for any kind of weather in his illustration of a man in a raincoat, who’s wearing boots and carrying an umbrella while the sky is blue and the weather is clear. Ucini’s social issues illustration suggests that world issues like climate change are […]

Andrea Ucini / Looking into the barrel of a gun

Andrea Ucini’s political illustration on guns and shame shows a man with his head in the barrel of a gun to illustrate the phrase,”hanging his head in shame.” Ucini draws attention to the heated issue of gun violence and points out that being sorry for the consequences of gun violence is not enough to solve the problem. […]

Andrea Ucini / Safe and insured

Andrea Ucini’s conceptual illustration of a man with an enormous apple on his head is a comment on the psychology and probability attached to being insured. Ucini suggests the bigger the apple, a symbol for insurance, the greater the probability you’ll be covered. The apple’s shadow covering the man, represents what insurance coverage can do in case of an […]

Andrea Ucini / What it means to be an evangelical today

Andrea Ucini’s comment on what it means to be an evangelical leader today. Ucini’s illustration was sparked by the controversy over Texas evangelical leader, Jen Hatmaker’s recent comments on the LGBT community. The Christian author, blogger and television personality’s comments caused quite a stir and the blowback prompted a larger discussion on being an evangelical today. Ucini’s conceptual illustration of a black sheep […]

Andrea Ucini / Surviving extinction

Andrea Ucini pictures a Panda with an eye patch as a symbol in his conceptual illustration about species that are threatened by extinction. Ucini suggests that a solution to the growing number of species that are becoming extinct might be found by looking at animals facing extinction more closely. His solitary depiction of a bear in an empty […]

Andrea Ucini / Imagination as reality

Andrea Ucini supports the power of the mind, and imagination, in his depiction of a boy affecting reality with his thoughts. Ucini points to a growing body of research that supports what spiritual contemplatives have known for centuries: the capacity of imagination to not only shape our minds but weave the fabric of reality itself. His thought-provoking […]

Andrea Ucini / Retiring early and in style

Andrea Ucini’s clever illustration of a view inside a piggy bank of a couple on vacation relaxing by the ocean, while a hand drops a gold coin in the bank, is about dreams of early retirement. Ucini says that dreaming about early retirement is sometimes the only thing keeping us committed to the daily grind.  Engaging in fantasies of […]

Andrea Ucini / Strive to be happy

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of a man lounging in a hot tub with flip flops, a sun umbrella and polka-dot floatation device nearby, reminds us that life doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy what you already have. Ucini suggests, with a verdant green lawn and sunshine-filled scene, that looking beyond life’s imperfections while striving to be happy, no matter […]

Andrea Ucini / Italian Cinema

Andrea Ucini’s depiction of the Italian cinema from neorealism to the present shows a man in a top hat adjusting a streetlamp while the city below sleeps. Ucini’s dramatic illustration is a reference to cinema made in Italy by Italian directors from Federico Fellini to Roberto Rossellini and to Peter Bondanella’s book, “Italian Cinema: From NeoRealism to the Present.” […]

Andrea Ucini / Preventing falls

In a guest post for a training company, RRC Training, Andrea Ucini illustrates how accidents in the workplace happen.  The problem can be especially acute in small-to-medium-sized businesses where health and safety may not be heavily regulated. The article presents safety features that can be put in place by business in all sectors of the economy. […]

Andrea Ucini / The future of fitness

Andrea Ucini’s clever illustration of weights connected by clasped hands is his latest social issues illustration on the aggressive expansion strategies and low membership costs of fitness clubs looking to rapidly expand. Ucini suggests this trend is impacted by franchisees lining up to get in on the action in his illustration of dumbbells hand-in hand.

Andrea Ucini / Increasing your IQ with brain exercises

Andrea Ucini questions the way we measure intelligence with IQ numbers and suggests exercising your brain to improve your score on your next test with his editorial illustration of a horse on a cliff with a carrot dangling in front of him. We all know that IQ numbers say something about intelligence, but what exactly is […]

Andrea Ucini / Reading to fall asleep

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of a woman sleeping on a stack of books, with an iPad tucked into the stack, emerged from a study that shows reading from an iPad for thirty minutes before bed resulted in people feeling less sleepy.  iPad readers also had unusual electrical activity in their brains. Ucini’s illustration points to the value of reading […]

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