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Andrea Ucini / Increasing the value of your home

Andrea Ucini shows us that getting a house ready for sale is a little like playing a slot machine in his latest illustration. He ponders the question: ‘If you only have so much time and money to invest, where do you start?’    

Andrea Ucini / Adopting a stress-free lifestyle

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on adopting a stress-free lifestyle. A man who takes the time to paint clouds inspires us to reduce stress in our lives or, at least, consider how our lifestyles are affecting our well-being.    

Andrea Ucini / Friendship in your 30s

Andrea Ucini’s comment on friendship after 30: a series of arrows missing the mark. The illustrator argues as we usher in our 30s, life changes, just as at any other age. What we choose to spend our time and energy on is what arguably changes the most. As priorities shift away from socializing and toward “settling down,” and for some, starting a […]

Andrea Ucini / For a story about unexpected journeys

Andrea Ucini’s illustration for the essay, “Polar Express,” of a woman, alone, out in a storm, waiting for a train. Written by Ariel Lewiton, it’s a story about being stuck in the worst storm of her life until things began to thaw.

Andrea Ucini / Thinking they’re always right

Andrea Ucini laments the frustration of arguing with someone who thinks they’re always right in his conceptual illustration of a man standing on his own shoulders as another man stands behind. To avoid this frustration, Ucini suggests thinking about what you hope to achieve from an argument before entering into it. Either that, or simply redirect a conversation. Above […]

Andrea Ucini / Losing our childlike wonder

Andrea Ucini laments the loss of wonder we once possessed naturally as children in his illustration of a woman looking up at a child’s swing that’s out of reach. For the naive child, an empty box is anything they imagine it to be: a space shuttle, a race car, a storefront, a house or giant shoe. A sheet of […]

Andrea Ucini / Suspended in mid-air

Andrea Ucini illustrates an extreme or irrational fear of heights known as acrophobia. Caused by a degree of uneasiness felt by some when standing on a high structure, or near the edge of something at a certain height, acrophobia is attributed to a fear of falling. Ucini notes the fear often occurs in someone who has an impaired sense of […]

Andrea Ucini / Shattered glass

Andrea Ucini’s dramatic illustration highlights how hard it is for some to stop drinking.  His shattered glass, with an imprint of spilled wine staining the ground, shows how tragic the process of quitting can be for some. Ucini says that quitting isn’t about a lack of willpower or a collapse of determination.  He notes, for those who […]

Andrea Ucini / A whale of a plan

Andrea Ucini illustrates what a safe retirement looks like. An enormous whale moves slowly underwater; only his tale emerging as it gingerly guides the sailboat above. Like a whale, a well-planned retirement requires a large sum of money that’s protected and reliable moving forward into later years.    

Andrea Ucini / Water Capitalism

Andrea Ucini looks at the growing issue of water capitalism and privatizing oceans, rivers, lakes and aquifers for profit in his illustration of a man diving into a “private” pool surrounded by ocean. Though water covers 75 percent of the earth’s surface, it accounts for less that 1 percent of the world’s GDP.  The opportunity for […]

Andrea Ucini / Signs You’ll Live Longer

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on the signs you’ll live a long life and how the choices we make have an impact on how long we survive. Ucini acknowledges that there are no guarantees on how long any of us will live, and that nothing will predict how many calendars we’ll see, yet there are simple benchmarks to help […]

Andrea Ucini / How Twitter Killed the First Amendment

Andrea Ucini laments the death of the first amendment by Twitter in his telling social issues illustration of a caged Twitter mascot in front of a wallpaper pattern of Twitter’s blue birds. Ucini notes that you need not be a media historian to notice that we live in a golden age of press harassment, domestic propaganda […]

Andrea Ucini / Living with Alzheimer’s

Andrea Ucini illustrates Alzheimer’s disease in his illustration of a man alone in a room looking out a paned window. The image that appear in the window is disorganized and incomplete. Ucini notes that, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, more than 45 million people around the world suffer from dementia. Dementia, one form a Alzheimer’s disease, affects mostly […]

Andrea Ucini / Miniature golf goes big

For most of us, miniature golf is an activity played on circus- or dinosaur-themed courses on summer afternoons while on vacation. Any hole-in-ones, sunk with fluorescently-colored balls, are happy accidents of fate to be marveled at over ice cream at an arcade after the game. But for pros like Matt McCaslin, who played his first round of miniature golf in kindergarten […]

Andrea Ucini / Cloud on a platter 🇮🇹

Andrea Ucini comments on the 10 best low calorie restaurants in his native country of Italy.  The food: as light as a cloud. Ucini’s classically dry humor is at its best in this illustration of a waiter preparing to serve a cloud on a platter.

Andrea Ucini / In the beginning…there was iPhone

Andrea Ucini pays homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, by making an iPhone into a monolith in his humorous illustration of a man-ape with EarPods listening to his favorite tunes. In the film, an imposing black structure provides a connection between the past and the future. The giant monolith probes the minds of some of the man-apes, […]

Andrea Ucini / A mouse refuses to run

Andrea Ucini depicts a marriage that no longer works in his image of a mouse refusing to run on a mouse wheel that’s an engagement ring. Ucini’s social issues illustration on the theme of a marriage ending symbolizes the hopelessness of a relationship that has neared its conclusion.

Andrea Ucini / Zika’s costly sting

Andrea Ucini created a cover illustration for Carey Business magazine on Zika virus. Carey Business is a publication of Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. Zika virus, a mosquito-borne flavivirus identified in Uganda in 1947 in monkeys, was discovered through a network that monitored yellow fever. Identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and the […]

Andrea Ucini / How depression affects family life

Andrea Ucini points out that depression isn’t just a medical condition, it’s a family matter in his illustration of a young boy playing catch alone while the shadow of his father appears through a window. The behavior and mood of a depressed person affects the whole family, according to Ucini, who says that the irritability associated with […]

Andrea Ucini / Try smiling instead of Prozac

If you’d like to feel happier, Andrea Ucini suggests eating seaweed, finding a new hairstyle, sending fewer emails, going dancing and spending less money. Ucini says these pursuits are superior to popping pills. These keys to happiness, says Ucini, are according to Italy’s most eminent scientists.  Ucini’s illustration of a man in darkness looking up and lit by a sliver of […]

Andrea Ucini / When the shoe fits

Andrea Ucini’s illustration featuring a glass slipper suggests there’s only one perfect investor for every company: that Cinderella who fits into the glass shoe. Ucini’s crystal footwear sparkles, creating rays of light all around, when a business owner discovers that the shoe of his investor, in fact, fits.  

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