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Motion & Animation

Andrea Ucini / Hope for On Being Project

This is one of the pictures I did for the new On Being Project´s website. The On Being Project is an independent, non‑profit media and public life initiative.

Andrea Ucini / Hooked! For Mother Jones magazine

How a loosely regulated rehab industry baits recovering drug user into a deadly cycle”.

Andrea Ucini / “Staying alive” for The Economist

Andrea Ucini’s powerful illustration for a recent edition of The Economist on how the suicide rate is falling around the world. “Staying alive,” explores how to best bring this deadly statistic down even further. Ucini’s illustration of a man walking away from the edge of a cliff tells the story visually.    

Andrea Ucini / The Harm That Data Does for Scientific America

Andrea Ucini’s bird in a cage accompanied an article in Scientific American entitled, “The harm that data does,” on how paying attention to algorithmic systems is impacting marginalized people worldwide.

Andrea Ucini / A smart way to deal with someone who’s bigger than you

Andrea Ucini’s witty illustration on a smart way to deal with someone who’s bigger than you.  Ucini’s dwarfed and overshadowed man wears a clown’s nose, finding humor in the situation.  

Andrea Ucini / “The sinking state” for The Washington Post

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of the sinking central Pacific nation of Kiribati for The Washington Post. According to the Post article by Joshua Keating, Kiribati has few claims to fame. Its flag-bearer at two past summer Olympics won international attention for his dancing. The country, known under British colonial rule as the Gilbert Islands (the name […]

Andrea Ucini / “Les Monstres Among Us” for Foreign Policy magazine

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on France’s growing anti-Semitism that has increasingly taken a violent form for Foreign Policy magazine. The torture and murder of a young Jewish cell phone salesman in 2006, the murder of four hostages in a kosher supermarket in January 2015, and, most recently, the murder of an octogenarian Holocaust survivor on March […]

Andrea Ucini / The Longevity Code for Bentley Magazine

Andrea Ucini’s illustrations on living longer for Bentley Magazine as it prepares to celebrate its centenary. In an article for Bentley, author, James Day, investigates the likelihood of humans living beyond one hundred years old. He discovers, thanks to radical technologies, that it will likely be only a matter of time before centenarians live among us. Ucini’s illustrations of a green leaf under […]

Andrea Ucini / The danger of psychotropic drugs

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on the danger of taking psychotropic drugs pictures a drug capsule as a bomb.  Ucini notes those who take psychotropics hope they’re taking a drug with the lowest risk. People take drugs with the expectation they’ll be therapeutic and alleviate symptoms. No one wants to take drugs with rapid onset, debilitating side effects, or difficult withdrawal […]

Andrea Ucini / Recovering from a broken heart

Andrea Ucini’s sensitive depiction of how the broken-hearted struggle with feelings of powerlessness and frustration that a loss is beyond their control. Ucini notes that many people internalize a break-up to mean they are somehow unworthy or incapable of sustaining a relationship; that they are perhaps even unloveable on a deeper level. Ucini warns against self-loathing that can take […]

Andrea Ucini / Through the lens of perception for Zetland magazine

Andrea Ucini’s illustration for Zetland on the lens through which we see the world and its impact on perception. Ucini shows a man looking through one red and one green lens. The illustrator notes that the way we see the world affects our attitudes and arguments and has consequences for the all humanity.    

Andrea Ucini / Shaking hand upon hand

Andrea Ucini’s surreal illustration about communication and connection shows a man shaking hands with a series of hands suspended in mid-air to illustrate the importance of forming and keeping friendships.  Friendships build strong social networks; beneficial to each of us and to others. Ucini notes that most people aren’t born with good communication skills. These skills […]

Andrea Ucini / Illustrating an article on Elena Ferrante’s novel for The Guardian

Andrea Ucini’s vivid illustration of the writing of a red pen letter shows how expressing oneself in depth about things we tend to be silent about is a dangerous though rewarding approach to common situations. Ucini recently created this illustration for The Guardian for an article on the novel by Elena Ferrante entitled, I insist on […]

Andrea Ucini / Keeping your head above water

Andrea Ucini’s powerful illustration depicting the struggle to free oneself from addiction. Ucini’s image of a face floating above the water with its reflection underneath reminds us that change doesn’t come easily when recovering from addiction. He suggests that in order to bring something different into your life, a person needs to create space for that which is […]

Andrea Ucini / Censoring social media for SRB news

Andrea’s Ucini’s clever editorial illustration on censoring social media for Single Resolution Board (SRB) news. Twitter’s mascot is caged, with head down, in Ucini’s image of “Twitter wallpaper” for the finance and business publication.

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