Andrea Ucini

Andrea, is a self-thought Italian illustrator, born and raised in Italy. Hi is now living in the countryside near Copenhagen in Denmark, with his wife, three children and a lots of animals. He is working from his studio surrounded by the Danish nature and changing weather. Andrea has a degree in composition and classic piano from the Music Academy of Florence. He is composing music and playing several instruments. He is always using music as inspiration tool in his working progress. He is a big fan of Radiohead and is coffee addicted. Andrea is very inspired by contrasts and conflicts in arts, literature and politics- as the daily life -to treat difficult points of view with a twist of humour. Johns Hopkins University, Wired, Scientific America, Entrepreneur Magazine, Desert Companion, LaVie and LeMonde are part of his client list. He is always searching for new combinations and turning points, catching (and maybe changing) the viewers attention and way of thinking, with very few artistic effects. His visual expression is always pure and minimalistic, but always trying to turn complex concepts into strong visual solution.


Andrea Ucini News

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