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Mai Ly Degnan / NPR

Illustration for NPR about the feeling of inequality at top colleges still persisting, despite the push for diversity. Elite colleges are making strides to diversify their student bodies, both racially and economically however, poor students still feel isolated and unwelcome.

Mai Ly Degnan / Howdy Partner Pug

Cowboy pug illustration for a greeting card.

Mai Ly Degnan / Crims 2 for Harper Collins

Book cover illustration for Crims 2: “Down With the Crims,” by Kate Davies for Harper collins. This is the second book in a series about the Crims family. The Crims are a wacky, but loveable family of criminals that constantly find themselves crazy and unfortunate situations.

Mai Ly Degnan / Cool girls series: The Shoe Lover

Mai Ly Degnan’s latest portfolio piece on the life and times of a shoe lover is part of her ongoing series of cool girls doing everyday things. A colorful variety of styles surround this cool girl who’s trying on footwear from yellow vinyl boots to strappy stilettos. Degnan’s use of color, pattern and character design […]

Mai Ly Degnan / Illustrating The Crims for Harper Collins

Mai Ly Degnan’s cover illustration for a novel by Kate Davies entitled, The Crims. Davies’ first in a series, The Crims is about a dysfunctional family of crime. Though the Crims pride themselves on being criminal masterminds, they’re actually quite inept. Degnan captures the twists and turns of this less than stellar crime family in […]

Mai Ly Degnan / “Cat Nap”

Mai Ly Degnan’s, “Cat Nap,” is part of an ongoing series of everyday girls doing everyday things. In this illustration, Degnan depicts a girl resting in a sleeping mask. Even though she’s asleep, eyes on her sleeping mask show she’s still very much awake and aware. Degnan’s deft use of pattern, color and facial expression […]

Mai Ly Degnan / “The Groomer”

Mai Ly Degnan’s, “The Groomer,” is part of her ongoing series of everyday girls doing everyday things. The point of Degnan’s series is to capture the beauty and the power of women, even while performing mundane tasks. The illustrator’s talent for capturing expression along with her attention to detail—from patterns to objects—leads to  brilliantly-stylized characters […]

Mai Ly Degnan / Cool Girls

Mai Ly Degnan created this amazing illustration she’s entitled, “Cool Girls,” as a recent addition to her portfolio. Degnan chose a colorful palette, pattern, texture and delightfully stylized sunglass-clad, backpack-carrying girls to illustrate the last pleasures of summer. It’s back to school for this trio who’s sorry to see summer go.

Mai Ly Degnan / Gator Girls on the move

Mai Ly Degnan’s “Gator Girls,” part of an ongoing series entitled, “Wild at Heart Women,” explores the wild side of things. Degnan celebrates the spirit that’s summer with two swimsuit-clad gals getting a lift from an obliging gator.  

Mai Ly Degnan / Digital nomads for American Airlines

Mai Ly Degnan created a series of illustrations for American Airlines inflight magazine, American Way, on the experience of living as a digital nomad. A new craze, very popular with millennials, allows someone to share a co-living workspace while indulging their love of travel.

Mai Ly Degnan / Wild at heart

Mai Ly Degnan’s illustration of “Leopard Lady” for an ongoing personal series entitled, “Wild at Heart Women,” uses pattern and prints to connect her character’s bold personality with wild, carnivorous cat surroundings. Degnan’s fun, overall pattern illustration is about all that’s wild in us and around us.

Mai Ly Degnan / En route to Shanghai

Mai Ly Degnan completed a series of illustrations for the September issue of American Airlines’ inflight magazine, American Way, about a man and his experiences en route to Shanghai, China. Degnan shows a variety of activities aboard the cruise ship in her editorial illustrations: the passenger amidst other passengers who are fencing, painting, and playing board games; in […]

Mai Ly Degnan / Local Living for The Washington Post

The Washington Post published a pair of editorial illustrations by Mai Ly Degnan on bullying. The article, “Bully proof,” about how parents can help bullied children learn resilience, appeared in the Local Living section of the paper. Degnan’s poignant illustrations show children being approached by bullies on the playground and on a bench.  The illustrator shows peaceful, […]

Mai Ly Degnan / “When black hair violates the dress code,” for NPR

Mai Ly Degnan created an illustration about race and the discrimination kids in grade school face. “When black hair violates the dress code,” was created for NPR.  Degnan’s editorial illustration of two primary school girls walking through the hall focuses on the color of the girls’ hair as they approach a white teacher and classmates.  

Mai Ly Degnan / 3×3 Professional Show 14

Mai Ly Degnan has been awarded merit for her Galentines Day illustration, and her series of three pet portraits in this year’s 3×3 Magazine’s Professional Show. She was also awarded three honorable mentions in categories: greeting card, unpublished illustration, and gallery.

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