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Audrey Malo / Illustration for L’Étiquette journal by Brasserie Dunham

Audrey Malo was asked by Simon Bossé, creative director at Brasserie Dunham to create an illustration for his journal L’Étiquette, which features the brasserie’s all-stars contributors. The subject was “carte-blanche”, with the only request being that it needed to feature beer in it. Audrey imagined an old and odd couple at a dar bar, with […]

Audrey Malo / Spring fairy and her companion

In this personal illustration Audrey Malo had fun creating a spring fairy and her butterfly companion, using a restricted colour palette, she had fun experimenting with composition, proportions and shapes.

Audrey Malo / Fire/rain

In this personal illustration diptych Audrey Malo represents fire and rain as mighty characters who are masters of their own worlds.

Audrey Malo / Bird tears

In this personal illustration, Audrey Malo reinterprets a recent scientific discovery about a species of amazonian moths who were spotted drinking sleeping bird’s tears. Malo imagined the bird tears being sold in “tears cartons” and being labelled as “nutritive”.

Audrey Malo / Ministry of loneliness for L’actualité

Audrey Malo illustrated an article on the recent formation of a ministry of loneliness in the UK for the march issue of Montreal-based magazine L’actualité. This illustration dominated by blues and white represents a man standing on it’s own head like if it were a deserted island.

Audrey Malo / Flower girl

in this personal illustration Audrey Malo is experimenting with the use of whites and a warm and soft palette, using satisfying round shapes and pattern to create a feel-good atmosphere of being one with nature.

Audrey Malo / The juggler

In this personal piece Audrey Malo experimented with satisfying shaped and textures to create a Pierrot character inspired by 80’s kid’s stationery you would find in dollar stores.

Audrey Malo / Homage to Virginia Woolf’s lover

Audrey Malo created an illustration inspired by Vita Sackville-West, the lover of author, Virginia Woolf. Sackville-West, an author herself, and a gardener, is shown here by Malo naked in a field of flowers. Malo chose two green tones to evoke the impressions of nature.

Audrey Malo / Staking claim to a new planet

Audrey Malo’s latest .gif of an astronaut planting a flag on a newly-discovered planet is part of the illustrator’s continuing experimentation with volume and contour when creating a .gif. Her rotund astronaut, dressed in pink with oversized ears, hands and feet, has feet firmly planted as stars circle all around.  

Audrey Malo / Boiling Halloween cauldron

Audrey Malo created a boiling cauldron in which a goblin and frogs are submerged for Halloween. Warm ochre and red, colors of fall, are featured in Malo’s spooky, bewitching illustration.

Audrey Malo / 10th anniversary illustration for Ambiances Ambiguës

Audrey Malo created an animated .gif for the Montreal-based music promoters, Ambiances Ambiguës. It’s to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Malo’s .gif of a small boy wearing a party hat and holding a balloon shows a child who’s growing up so fast, he’s outgrown his baby stroller: a symbol for a company that has no plans […]

Audrey Malo / Illustrating star signs and symbols

Audrey Malo was inspired by her own astrological birth chart to create a monochromatic line drawing with tone on themes of passion, romance, playfulness, pride and depression. Characters featured include Taurus the Bull looking at a photo, Pisces the Fishes sprouting mouthfuls of roses, Leo the Lion, Capricorn the Goat, Gemini the Twins, among others. […]

Audrey Malo / Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Audrey Malo’s illustration of the metamorphosis of Violet Beauregarde from Roald Dahl’s 1964 classic, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” In the story, Violet is transformed into a gigantic blueberry after chewing a piece of Willy Wonka’s magic gum. Distorted scale and wavy shapes were used to emphasize the magical, psychedelic aspects of the scene upon which the image is based.

Audrey Malo / Zanni label for Italian beer crafted at Brasserie Dunham

Audrey Malo created a bottle label for Zanni saison. Brewed in collaboration with Le Baladin of Italy, the bottled beverage is a saison infused with gentian and bergamot crafted by Brasserie Dunham (Dunham, Québec). Audrey Malo chose a romantic theme inspired by Commedia dell’arte.  The valet or jester in the Italian theatre was known as Zanni. Malo proposed and designed her […]

Audrey Malo / Budgies sing-along

Audrey Malo’s surreal illustration of pet budgies singing along to a record on a phonograph is a quirky piece that combines line and shape with spot color to create a weird, disjointed world of implied sound. Malo’s illustration shows us how she experiments with color, graphics and composition to create a compelling image that’s an interesting addition to her portfolio. […]

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