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Motion & Animation

Audrey Malo / Illustrating star signs and symbols

Audrey Malo was inspired by her own astrological birth chart to create a monochromatic line drawing with tone on themes of passion, romance, playfulness, pride and depression. Characters featured include Taurus the Bull looking at a photo, Pisces the Fishes sprouting mouthfuls of roses, Leo the Lion, Capricorn the Goat, Gemini the Twins, among others. […]

Audrey Malo / Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Audrey Malo’s illustration of the metamorphosis of Violet Beauregarde from Roald Dahl’s 1964 classic, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” In the story, Violet is transformed into a gigantic blueberry after chewing a piece of Willy Wonka’s magic gum. Distorted scale and wavy shapes were used to emphasize the magical, psychedelic aspects of the scene upon which the image is based.

Audrey Malo / Zanni label for Italian beer crafted at Brasserie Dunham

Audrey Malo created a bottle label for Zanni saison. Brewed in collaboration with Le Baladin of Italy, the bottled beverage is a saison infused with gentian and bergamot crafted by Brasserie Dunham (Dunham, Québec). Audrey Malo chose a romantic theme inspired by Commedia dell’arte.  The valet or jester in the Italian theatre was known as Zanni. Malo proposed and designed her […]

Audrey Malo / Budgies sing-along

Audrey Malo’s surreal illustration of pet budgies singing along to a record on a phonograph is a quirky piece that combines line and shape with spot color to create a weird, disjointed world of implied sound. Malo’s illustration shows us how she experiments with color, graphics and composition to create a compelling image that’s an interesting addition to her portfolio. […]

Audrey Malo / Plus on est de fous, plus on lit! for Radio-Canada

Audrey Malo created a portrait of Marie-Louise Arsenault of the popular French literature talk show, “Plus on est de fous, plus on lit.” Presented on, the last show of the season aired on June 22nd prior to a summer break. Malo was asked to draw a portrait of the host which she drew in pastel tones. Arsenault is pictured surrounded […]

Audrey Malo / Grandparents first

Audrey Malo illustrated an article for the June issue of L’actualité about multi-generational residences where elderly and the young might live together. The author believes these types of residences would allow the elderly to remain in the city longer and could be of benefit to everyone.

Audrey Malo / Fantasy illustration inspired by vintage photos and old documents

Audrey Malo’s love for vintage photography and old documents inspired this fantasy illustration which she created through experimentation with photos from an archive. A first attempt at incorporating this subject matter into her practice, the fantasy world she depicts is one where poisonous plants grow from gelatinous shapes and creatures become trapped if they try to reach above the “bRAVO!” trophy.  

Audrey Malo / Carnaval: An experimental short film

Audrey Malo created an experimental short film entitled, “Carnaval.” Malo’s short features a toy clown who dreams he’s an edible figure skater during a family dinner. Inspired by Malo’s fascination with the 70s and 80s, particularly vintage toys and images of food, her fanciful film is drawn by hand with colored pencil.

Audrey Malo / “Burn Kiki Burn”

Audrey Malo recently created a short experimental animation about a curious little boy, his magnifying glass and a poor grasshopper on a hot summer’s day. Malo’s summery excerpt from her animation of a grasshopper in a flower-filled garden taking heat from an angry summer sun piques our curiosity about what else is in store for this green four-legged hopping […]

Audrey Malo / Ensemble of healthy vegetables

Audrey Malo illustrated healthy vegetables as a recent addition to her portfolio. Malo is experimenting with a new color palette in this ensemble of artichoke, squash, onions, garlic and assorted vegetables.

Audrey Malo / Secrets of Supersavers for Style at Home

Audrey Malo illustrated the article, “Secrets of Supersavers” for Style at Home magazine. The article, by Lisa Van De Geyn, gives readers who crave $6 lattes or who consider themselves impulse buyers advice on saving money. Malo’s illustration of a financial Superwoman, standing on a pile of money, is an easy-to-read editorial illustration for copy on taking control of personal finances.

Audrey Malo / Breaking up at IKEA

Audrey Malo reflects on how often couples fight at IKEA by illustrating the iconic IKEA heart pillow tossed in the trash. Malo’s ironic twist on couples and love makes breaking up at IKEA not quite so bad.

Audrey Malo / Illustrating a short film by Guillaume Blanchet

Audrey Malo illustrated a poster for Guillaume Blanchet’s short film, “Faux Départ,” presented at Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois of the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal. Shown yesterday, February 23rd, the film is a tribute to all those who live lonely lives, watching time pass. Some, still hopeful their lives may improve: they wait.  The film reminds us that not only the elderly […]

Audrey Malo / The Mouse’s New House for Ad Age

Audrey Malo’s illustration and .gif appear in the latest issue of Ad Age. Malo illustrated an article on how Disney publishes exclusive content on Facebook including the latest incarnation of “The Mickey Mouse Club.” An illustration of Disney-based mascots, in classic and newly-acquired franchises like The Simpsons, Star Wars, and Family Guy, are pictured in a group hug with Facebook’s “F” […]

Audrey Malo / James and the Giant Peach

Audrey Malo illustrated a scene from a book she’s reading entitled, James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl. Her lively illustration of an enormous peach hosting a young boy and an array of creatures on its back: a spider, ladybug, centipede and more, brings the story to life.

Audrey Malo / The Christmas Crown

Audrey Malo illustrated a Christmas book entitled, The Christmas Crown, for the Montréal-based advertising agency, Les Évadés. Malo’s illustrated Christmas book is being sent to valued clients of the agency as an alternative to a holiday card. This strange little Christmas story features little puff people, a sleeping giant, some unwanted dental work and a change of heart. The Christmas Crown was […]

Audrey Malo / Le temps suspendu

Audrey Malo created a conceptual illustration based upon an essay entitled, “Closed Circuits,’ by Manuela Ivone Cunha.  The essay explores the notion that prisons keep prisoners a world apart from those they know and love. Malo illustrates how prison walls sever relationships, isolating inmates from the outside world.  In her illustration, a woman behind bars disappears into black […]

Audrey Malo / The Lost Mariner

Audrey Malo created this conceptual illustration based on the essay, “The Lost Mariner.” Author and neurologist, Oliver Sacks, wrote a book in 1985 entitled, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales.” The book tells the story of Jimmie G., who lost his ability to form new memories due to an illness known […]

Audrey Malo / In search of lost time

Audrey Malo illustrates an excerpt from Marcel Proust’s, “In Search of Lost Time,” in her conceptual illustrations of being lost in sleep. Proust describes in his book, “In Search of Lost Time,” what it feels like to wake in the middle of the night not knowing exactly where you are or even if you’re in your body. […]

Audrey Malo / Plastic Barbie dolls and shopping bags

Audrey Malo chose the theme of “plastic” for personal work she presents as a recent addition to her portfolio. Take a look at Malo’s memories of the 90s, of plastic Barbie dolls and shopping bags, and the color block palette she used. The illustrator shares impressions from her childhood.  

Audrey Malo / Dog days

Audrey Malo, takes the idea of a steakhouse literally, in her house made of steak for one happy family of dogs.  Malo has created a dream home for this family of three; seen here enjoying an afternoon outside by lounging in a beach chair, mowing the lawn and playing with a bone. In her illustration–a twist on the […]

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