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Motion & Animation

Audrey Malo / The Mouse’s New House for Ad Age

Audrey Malo’s illustration and .gif appear in the latest issue of Ad Age. Malo illustrated an article on how Disney publishes exclusive content on Facebook including the latest incarnation of “The Mickey Mouse Club.” An illustration of Disney-based mascots, in classic and newly-acquired franchises like The Simpsons, Star Wars, and Family Guy, are pictured in a group hug with Facebook’s “F” […]

Audrey Malo / James and the Giant Peach

Audrey Malo illustrated a scene from a book she’s reading entitled, James and the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl. Her lively illustration of an enormous peach hosting a young boy and an array of creatures on its back: a spider, ladybug, centipede and more, brings the story to life.

Audrey Malo / The Christmas Crown

Audrey Malo illustrated a Christmas book entitled, The Christmas Crown, for the Montréal-based advertising agency, Les Évadés. Malo’s illustrated Christmas book is being sent to valued clients of the agency as an alternative to a holiday card. This strange little Christmas story features little puff people, a sleeping giant, some unwanted dental work and a change of heart. The Christmas Crown was […]

Audrey Malo / Le temps suspendu

Audrey Malo created a conceptual illustration based upon an essay entitled, “Closed Circuits,’ by Manuela Ivone Cunha.  The essay explores the notion that prisons keep prisoners a world apart from those they know and love. Malo illustrates how prison walls sever relationships, isolating inmates from the outside world.  In her illustration, a woman behind bars disappears into black […]

Audrey Malo / The Lost Mariner

Audrey Malo created this conceptual illustration based on the essay, “The Lost Mariner.” Author and neurologist, Oliver Sacks, wrote a book in 1985 entitled, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales.” The book tells the story of Jimmie G., who lost his ability to form new memories due to an illness known […]

Audrey Malo / In search of lost time

Audrey Malo illustrates an excerpt from Marcel Proust’s, “In Search of Lost Time,” in her conceptual illustrations of being lost in sleep. Proust describes in his book, “In Search of Lost Time,” what it feels like to wake in the middle of the night not knowing exactly where you are or even if you’re in your body. […]

Audrey Malo / Plastic Barbie dolls and shopping bags

Audrey Malo chose the theme of “plastic” for personal work she presents as a recent addition to her portfolio. Take a look at Malo’s memories of the 90s, of plastic Barbie dolls and shopping bags, and the color block palette she used. The illustrator shares impressions from her childhood.  

Audrey Malo / Dog days

Audrey Malo, takes the idea of a steakhouse literally, in her house made of steak for one happy family of dogs.  Malo has created a dream home for this family of three; seen here enjoying an afternoon outside by lounging in a beach chair, mowing the lawn and playing with a bone. In her illustration–a twist on the […]

Audrey Malo / Just back from trick or treating

Audrey Malo’s Halloween treat: A happy bat just back from trick or treating has snagged a pumpkin filled with delicious insects. Just in time for Halloween, Malo’s seasonal homage to all things spooky: a black bat with outstretched wings carrying a plastic pumpkin filled with “treats” in its teeth against a bright orange sky sprinkled with black clouds […]

Audrey Malo / “Lolz”: An animated short film

Audrey Malo created her first experimental animated short film as a recent addition to her portfolio. Malo’s animated short, about memories from an important friendship, is open to interpretation by viewers of her delightful film. Posted on Vimeo, she invites you to take a look  

Audrey Malo / Students who find passion through study and internship

Audrey Malo was commissioned to illustrate a double-page spread for L’actualité on the popularity and benefits of Québec’s Cégeps. The article focuses on stories of students who found their passion in life through their studies and internships. Malo’s playful illustrations of students in unique settings receiving on the job training as interns, and working together, were created in a palette […]

Audrey Malo / Dangers in the kitchen for VICE Québec

Audrey Malo was commissioned by VICE Québec to create a series of editorial illustrations for an article featuring a cooks’ tell-all. Chefs recall some of their most dangerous, exhausting and dangerous experiences at work. Malo shows a disaster in the fryer, a can with its top popping off, and a champagne-filled blender, to illustrate what can go wrong in […]

Audrey Malo / Residents making decisions for their town

For this month’s issue of L’actualité, Audrey Malo was asked to illustrate an article on towns that give power to citizens–anyone, even kids–to decide how the city should spend its money. Through the use of a mobile app, residents can stay posted on what the town is doing. Malo illustrates how town residents participate in […]

Audrey Malo / Exchanging information for Nouveau Projet #12

Audrey Malo completed a series of illustrations for the 12th edition of Nouveau Projet magazine on the subject of hyperinformation. Her illustrations explore topics related to sharing information. The article asks, “What if you could sell your data to big corporations?” and poses the question, “How useful is gossip to society?” Discussing ways to bring innovation […]

Audrey Malo / Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui’s roundtable

For its new season, Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, commissioned Audrey Malo to illustrate an article about anxiety for the magazine, 3900. The article presents a roundtable of six young women with key roles in the upcoming season at CDTA. They discuss gender, education, eating disorders, feminism, mental health, and how these topics relate to the content in their plays. Malo has […]

Audrey Malo / Jumping ship

Audrey Malo’s illustration about Lansco, a struggling New York-based commercial real estate brokerage firm featured in an article in the August edition of, The Real Deal, shows Lansco employees jumping ship.  The firm has been losing high-level employees over the past few months impacting its viability. Malo’s telling depiction of a ship out to sea shows its occupants […]

Audrey Malo / Out for a run

Audrey Malo’s illustration of two joggers preparing for a run accompanied a guide for runners which appeared recently in Women’s Running Magazine. The article, Running Lingo 101, provides a lexicon of running terms written to help runners decipher terminology associated with the fitness activity. Malo’s playful and expressive editorial illustration, in a palette of reds, pinks, and oranges, features two […]

Audrey Malo / Healing the masculine side

Illustrating an article about men who survived traumatic experiences, this image shows participants attending group therapy to get more in touch with their masculine side.  The soulful yet light-hearted full-page illustration will appear in the August issue of L’actualité. Vibrant red and yellow, presented in a circular composition, emphasize the group dynamic and its power to transform. Healing is represented by […]

Audrey Malo Illustration, Summer camp

Personal piece about summer camp memories.

Audrey Malo Illustrates for / L’Actualité / La détresse des pères séparés

Editorial illustration for an article about fathers going through a divorce in July’s issue of L’Actualité.

Audrey Malo / Hamza/Personal Piece

A portrait of a friend who loves coffee.

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