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Joe Magee / What will facial recognition reveal about us?

Joe Magee’s editorial illustration for The Boston Globe‘s Ideas section, published on October 29th, on new-generation smart facial recognition software. “What’s in a Face,” by Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran, discusses advances in facial recognition technology and its impact on privacy and human rights. The article asks if we’re ready for what facial recognition may reveal about […]

Joe Magee Illustrates this beautiful series for Diabetic Living Magazine/ Twice The Victim,

A series of illustrations commissioned by Diabetes Living Magazine (Meredith Corp), entitled Twice The Victim, exploring new found links between childhood trauma and adult obesity. Food and comfort eating is seen as a coping device for managing stress. There is a new belief that obesity is much less about willpower or genes.

Illustrator Joe Magee / The Guardian

An illustration to accompany a feature story about a woman who, obsessed with wanting a child, snatched a baby from a hospital incubator and made a home-made incubation room at home, keeping the child healthy for a month, until discovered by police.

Illustrator Joe Magee / The Guardian’s Media supplement, ‘What is television for

A cover illustration for The Guardian’s Media supplement, ‘What is television for?’

Illustrator Joe Magee / Check mate

An illustration commissioned by Courrier International about the human v machine chess challenge

Illustrator Joe Magee / Semantic Web

Main illustration for the cover of The Guardian’s technology supplement, plus also a smaller image (also used on the cover contents bar on the right)

Illustrator Joe Magee / Neurotic Imposter

An illustration commissioned for the cover of The Guardian’s Work supplement, for feature entitled, “The mind undermined. Why you feel like a fake”. An image of an office chair in the same treatment was included inside.

Illustrator Joe Magee / The Guardian G2 Magazine, Bad Rating

I created this series of illustrations for The Guardian’s G2 magazine, 20 February 2017, working with Guardian art director Ellen Wishart. The article, by Chitra Ramaswamy, focusses on how popular apps like AirBnB and Uber can facilitate prejudice by enabling users to deny each other on the grounds of, for example, what they look like […]

We’re super excited to be representing UK Illustrator, Joe Magee.

Joe Magee studied Graphic Design at London College of Communication and now lives in Stroud, UK, with a studio in nearby Bristol. His work has a strong graphic sensibility, tending towards bold compositions and iconic solutions. “In terms of a ‘style’ – I think I do have a style but not in the ordinary sense. […]