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Motion & Animation

Chris Madden / “Make Ohio Great Again?” for Cincinnati magazine

Chris Madden illustrated, “Make Ohio Great Again?,” a feature for Cincinnati magazine about the upcoming governor’s election. The article discusses how the contenders for governor, locked in a tight race, must counteract the state’s foundational problems to succeed. Madden was assigned a single illustration but he enjoyed the assignment so much, he created additional illustrations […]

Chris Madden / We Travel So Far longlisted for UKLA Book Awards

Chris Madden’s first book, We Travel So Far, about the adventures of creatures big and small, has been longlisted for the 2019 UKLA Book Awards. His beautiful illustrations of hummingbirds sucking nectar from flowers, polar bears waiting for ice to form and elephant seals behaving as elephant seals do definitely deserve such recognition. Congratulations to […]

Chris Madden / We Build Our Homes

Chris Madden’s second book entitled, We Build Our Homes, will be published on October 18, 2018 by Words & Pictures, an imprint of the Quarto Group. This book, written by Laura Knowles, is a follow-up to the well-received, “We Travel So Far,” released in 2017. Madden’s illustrations of animals building their homes from birds to mice, […]

Chris Madden / Leadership isn’t a trick

Chris Madden’s illustration for Edge magazine for an article that asks the question, “Are leaders born or made?” Madden exploits the false notion that leadership is a mystical trick practiced by a select few in his illustration depicting one of the biggest management myths of all time. The article states, “If bosses believe that leaders […]

Chris Madden / Cover designs for Oxford University Press

Chris Madden designed a series of cover illustrations for Oxford University Press secondary education guides for 2018. Each cover focuses on the content of curriculum for each of ten key subjects. Samples here include math, science, English literature and English language.

Chris Madden / Providing smarter care with electronic health records

Chris Madden created illustrations on the future of electronic health records for a web article in the University College of San Francisco’s online newsletter. According to the article, electronic health records can used to mine patient data. In addition to locating the source of hospital infections, records can remotely monitor diabetics and possibly identify the best treatment for […]

Chris Madden / Sleep mode

Chris Madden illustrates an article by Abbey Sharp, on what to eat and what’s best to avoid for a good night’s sleep for Ricardo Cuisine.  To catch enough Z’s, and for a night of restorative sleep, avoiding certain foods and powering down our devices does wonders. Madden shows someone, dressed in pajamas, shutting the curtains on their […]

Chris Madden / We Travel So Far

Chris Madden’s first picture book, We Travel So Far, was published in the UK by Quarto Group. Madden invites readers to take a trip around the world to learn the story of migration and to answer the question: Why do animals travels so far.  From the epic migration of the humpback to the unbelievable determination […]

Chris Madden / “One for Sorrow”

Chris Madden created a series of illustrations of British Garden birds.  His illustration of a magpie appears on the cover of the book, “One for Sorrow,” by Alan Hargrave, a story of the loss of 21 year-old Tom from cancer and how his family struggled through the aftermath. Madden’s vivid portrait of a magpie, perched on […]

Chris Madden / ‘Trick of the day’

Chris Madden designed this inventive illustration of a skateboarding trick that’s an experiment with shape, line, texture, and the human form. Madden’s, ‘trick of the day’ is part of a personal project that focuses on the skate culture.  His colorful, skater boy or Sk8er Boi, of an airbourne figure, transports us to heights we may never scale ourselves. […]

Chris Madden / Choosing your own time

For a recent editorial assignment for BeHealthy magazine, Chris Madden was given the challenge of tackling the very delicate subject of Euthanasia. Assisted dying is a divisive and emotionally-loaded subject but not one to shy away from. Madden takes a difficult topic and pulls imagery and inspiration from it, taking a light-hearted approach to the subject without making light of it. Madden’s compelling […]

Chris Madden Illustrates for / HR Magazine

Hiring people with Autism for HR Magazine

Chris Madden illustrates for / Radio Times Magaazine

A new half-page illustration for an article about the distribution of counterfeit wine

Chris Madden illustrates “Loosing your Speech” for Bulletin Magazine

Losing your speech and Language as a result of a spinal cord injury

A new illustration for Lexpert Magazine/Chris Madden /

Cryptocurrencies disrupting the traditional banking methods

Chris Madden Illustrates Vancouver Magazine

How to start a Winery – Sell your assets and invest in your own Wine-making business for Vancouver Magazine

Illustrator Chris Madden / Educated Patients

The Myth of Marketing Blindness – for part of a report on Audiology Practices and why certain prospects ignore many marketing efforts.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Earth Day

I recently had the pleasure of working with Google & MadeWithCode on their Earth Day coding project. This Earth Day, MadeWithCode teamed up with 3 nonprofits who are committed to protecting our planet: The Jane Goodall Institute, WWF, and The Ocean Agency. Discover how they’re standing up for our world and find out what you […]

Illustrator Chris Madden / Gay Pride weekend festival in Manchester

An image created to celebrate the Gay Pride weekend festival in Manchester

Illustrator Chris Madden / The Prestige Book Cover Design

A self-initiated book cover design for ‘ The Prestige’ by Christopher Priest, created using both traditional printmaking methods and digital processes.

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