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Motion & Animation

Chris Madden Illustrates for / HR Magazine

Hiring people with Autism for HR Magazine

Chris Madden illustrates for / Radio Times Magaazine

A new half-page illustration for an article about the distribution of counterfeit wine

Chris Madden illustrates “Loosing your Speech” for Bulletin Magazine

Losing your speech and Language as a result of a spinal cord injury

A new illustration for Lexpert Magazine/Chris Madden /

Cryptocurrencies disrupting the traditional banking methods

Chris Madden Illustrates Vancouver Magazine

How to start a Winery – Sell your assets and invest in your own Wine-making business for Vancouver Magazine

Illustrator Chris Madden / Educated Patients

The Myth of Marketing Blindness – for part of a report on Audiology Practices and why certain prospects ignore many marketing efforts.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Earth Day

I recently had the pleasure of working with Google & MadeWithCode on their Earth Day coding project. This Earth Day, MadeWithCode teamed up with 3 nonprofits who are committed to protecting our planet: The Jane Goodall Institute, WWF, and The Ocean Agency. Discover how they’re standing up for our world and find out what you […]

Illustrator Chris Madden / Gay Pride weekend festival in Manchester

An image created to celebrate the Gay Pride weekend festival in Manchester

Illustrator Chris Madden / The Prestige Book Cover Design

A self-initiated book cover design for ‘ The Prestige’ by Christopher Priest, created using both traditional printmaking methods and digital processes.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Bootleg Avengers

As a warm-up exercise and to force myself into creating more playful and interesting figures, I set myself the challenge of recreating already well-established characters in a way that is visually pleasing to myself but still instantly recognisable to everybody else. I’m a big fan of superhero movies so decided to bastardise those pesky rascals, […]

Illlustrator Chris Madden / We Travel So Far

Chris has been working his socks off for the past year on his first picture book. We Travel So Far is a 64-page illustrated picture book looking at the most incredible journeys undertaken by animals around the world, from the epic migration of the huge humpback whale to the unbelievable determination of the tiny hummingbird, […]

Chris Madden / HR MAgazine, recruiting people with Autism into office environments.

Half page illustration for an article about recruiting people with Autism into office environments.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Vancouver Magazine

Editorial illustration for an article entitled ‘How to start a Winery’, that highlights the physical, emotional and financial costs of setting up your own vineyard.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Google / Made With Code

Code a message of empowerment to honour the female mathematicians of Hidden Figures.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Ricardo Magazine

A series of spot illustrations for Ricardo Magazine’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ budget feature. 10 fantastic recipes using very cheap ingredients to help combat rising food costs.

Illustrator/Motion Artist Chris Madden / It’s a Shape Christmas

Christmas-themed image based around a square shape. Made as part of the interactive digital Advent calendar, It’s a Shape Christmas.

Illustrator Chris Madden / The Hollywood Reporter

‘How TV can weather the storm of Streaming?’

Illustrator Chris Madden / The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Cover Illustration for a feature on the Cytosponge™, a sponge on a string that can help to detect oesophageal cancer.

Illustrator Chris Madden / Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Report

Illustrations for the Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Report on the subject of ‘Regenerative Medicine’ & ‘Ideas Become Inventions’

Illustrator Chris Madden / EnRoute Magazine

illustrations for a feature in Air Canada’s in-flight magazine about a tour of mustard starting in Toulouse and ending in Koln.

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