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Andy Potts / AOI Poster Prize For Illustration 2019

Andy Potts has been accepted into this year’s AOI Poster Prize for Illustration exhibition at the London Transport Museum opening on 8th February. The theme is ‘London Stories’ and I decided to go with one of my own personal experiences. The illustration, entitled 11/10/08, is a celebration of my wife and I’s wedding day on […]

Andy Potts / BBC Focus

Andy Potts latest science based illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine and the Collection Volumes on ‘The Science Of True Crime’, ‘Health Breakthroughs’ and ‘Inside Mars’.

Andy Potts / Driverless cars not a solution to mass transit woes

Andy Potts  illustrated an article for NYC’s Transit Center. “Robot Cars vs. Transit” puts a focus on falsely presenting self-driving, autonomous cars as the future solution to urban transportation problems. The claim is undermining investment in a struggling transit system. Potts depicts this complex concept by showing popular modes of urban transportation: bus, subway train, […]

Andy Potts / Illustrating a new app for Car and Driver magazine

Andy Potts illustrated an article for Car And Driver magazine on a new smartphone app called “Rally Rd.” The new app allows car enthusiasts to buy and sell shares in classic cars. Potts’ illustration for, “Stock Might Rally,” by Benjamin Preston, shows a sports car driving through a smartphone using a yellow, green and blue […]

Andy Potts / Selected for 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

Andy Potts illustration on the UK and Brexit was selected for the cover of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2018/2019. He’ll be interviewed as a Who’s Who in a Q & A interview on Luerzer’s Archive.  Congratulations to Andy for this international recognition.

Andy Potts / Red Pepper

Andy Potts created a Brexit-themed illustration for a newly-relaunched, quarterly edition of Red Pepper, a political magazine that has been “spicing up the left” for 20 years. Envisioning mixed possibilities of a dystopian no-deal future for Brexit that would potentially incite the left’s case forward, the article inspired these illustrations of an alternative sign post, […]

Andy Potts / Illustration and .gif for Daimler Next

Andy Potts created an illustration and short animated .gif for, “Daimler’s Next Innovation,” a blog on e-mobility in Sweden. Potts created a 3D model of a neon sign resembling the Swedish flag to illustrate the blog. The illustration is the next in a series. A Norwegian flag was commissioned earlier in the year.

Andy Potts / Lifestyle illustrations for Fit For Fun

Andy Potts created two healthy lifestyle commissions for the German magazine, Fit For Fun. The first illustration is based on Chronotypes, sleep routines of individuals identified by type: bear, wolf, lion, and dolphin. The article discusses how a person’s type affects their daily training. A second commission illustrates how hormones impact a workout and a diet. […]

Andy Potts / “Marvelous Models” for Science Magazine

Take a look at Andy Potts’ two-page spread for Science magazine that illustrates the article “Marvelous Models.” The article, about the increasing availability of modeling data in the scientific community, features a visual of two silhouetted individuals in the foreground observing a group of people deeper in space. Surrounded by concentric circles, Potts’ illustration in tonal […]

Andy Potts / 200 Best Illustrators Cover (Lürzer’s International Archive)

Andy Potts’ illustration was recently selected for the cover of this year’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 18/19 Lürzer’s International Archive. The illustration, Brex The Lionheart, a finalist in the Great British Postcard Competition 2017 (judged by John Lydon), shows a lion with his leg in a cast wearing a collar printed with the British flag to […]

Andy Potts / Cover illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine

Andy Potts created the latest cover illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine Collection series. On the themes, ”Scientific Guide To Your Future Life” and “Mind-Bending Science Simply Explained” Potts’ colorful 3D illustrations make these covers pop. BBC Focus Magazine covers a broad spectrum of topics. Potts chose a striking visual that works well with bright, eye-catching color. His […]

Andy Potts / Non-invasive laser vision correction for Nature Photonics magazine

Andy Potts was recently approached by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University in New York to create illustrations based on research into non-invasive laser vision correction. The aim was to submit his illustrations to Nature Photonics magazine to support a manuscript and for possible selection for the magazine’s cover. One of Potts’ illustrations was chosen to […]

Andy Potts / Potts earns two merit awards in 3×3 Pro Show No. 15

Andy Potts picked up two merit awards at this year’s 3×3 Professional Show. Potts first merit award was given for his animation for a Bokhari Records’ teaser created for the sixteenth release of “Southside Engineering,” by Stephen Lopkin. Potts’ second award was in the editorial category for an illustration for Mercedes-Benz/Daimler for “Next. ‘The Future Is Electric’.”

Andy Potts / Exhibition Secret 7″ 2018 to fund Mind Charity

Andy Potts has illustrated a 7″ record sleeve for this year’s, ‘Secret 7″ ‘ exhibition and auction to aid Mind Charity. Created for Jeff Buckley’s song, “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over,” imagery was based on the song’s lyrics. “She is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever,” is one such lyric. All artists involved were anonymous until after […]

Andy Potts / Through the wormhole

Andy Potts illustrated a cover and a double-page spread for the current issue of BBC Focus magazine on traveling through wormholes between galaxies. Animated versions of Potts’ illustrations were also created for an iPad edition of BBC Focus. Potts’ pictures a man in a spacesuit going through a tunnel to reach another galaxy. Take a look at the illustrator’s animated illustration.  

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