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Nathan Hackett / Art model in a figure drawing class

Nathan Hackett admits he’ll never possess the confidence of a nude art model. Standing naked in a packed room reflecting on one’s own nakedness, while unfathomable to Hackett, must be liberating for the model. Hackett pokes fun at this odd circumstance when everyone remains dressed except the art model, in his illustration of an art class drawing a male model. He reminds us that it’s […]

Nathan Hackett / The great divide in newsrooms for the Hollywood Reporter

a Nathan Hackett created an illustration for an article on the intergenerational divide in newsrooms for the Hollywood Reporter, a multi-platform digital and print magazine focusing on the film industry, television and entertainment. The article addresses how news sources like Vice News, The New York Times, and others are coping. With a focus on how the “Old Guard” is dealing with the progressive […]

Nathan Hackett / In honor of Women’s Day

In honor of Women’s Day, when people take a step back to look at social and political achievements of women, Nathan Hackett’s illustration of women who led the Suffrage movement in Britain is not only timely but a reminder of how far women have come. The origin of the name suffragette (‘ette’ added to indicate quaintness) was originally intended to […]

Nathan Hackett / Mornings

Nathan Hackett created an illustration showing the joy many families face as they awaken to another day.  Kids up early and full of energy, parents try to cope with early morning antics.

Nathan Hackett / Center for Neighborhood Leadership

Nathan Hackett created an illustration for the Center for Neighborhood Leadership, a migrant justice community organization in Phoenix, Arizona. Hackett donated his work as part of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency’s 8th annual WORK FOR FREE initiative which took place in February. Featuring visual cues unique to the area and members of the center, his illustration […]

Nathan Hackett / Thin walls and apartment living

Nathan Hackett’s humorous depiction of an apartment building with very thin walls. Neighbors arguing, smoke detectors blaring, a rock band rehearsing, seeking tranquility and defraying the noise can be challenging.    

Nathan Hackett / Cover wraparound for The Wine Society

Nathan Hackett’s front page cover wraparound for The Wine Society‘s Spring issue highlights the pleasures of wine both in everyday life and when celebrating. At a wedding, a barbecue, or an art exhibit: all are cause to open a bottle of wine and enjoy. Hackett’s cover became the inspiration for inside pages and his illustrations were featured throughout the […]

Nathan Hackett / On the clock

Nathan Hackett’s illustration on keeping track of time. In danger of the day getting away from her, a woman is caught in the mechanics of time. Hackett’s social issues illustration shows her pushed along forcibly through her day.  She’s “going through the motions” instead of choosing how to spend her time.    

Nathan Hackett / Encouraging young readers to think about art

Nathan Hackett created a double-page spread for HMS Reading that encourages young readers to think about how art impacts lives. Hackett’s illustration of an urban scene alive with performance art, visual art and people milling about reflects upon what art can be, what it is, and who it affects.  

Nathan Hackett / The prediction is rain

Nathan Hackett praises the umbrella on a rainy day. Hackett reminds himself of all the times he’s left the house on a cloudy day without one. He quips, “If you don’t like the weather in England, just wait five minutes.” His illustration of people piled high under a single umbrella pays homage to the simple invention […]

Nathan Hackett / Santa’s Workshop prepares for the big day

Nathan Hackett has hit his full festive stride with an illustration of Santa’s workshop and his elves. Hackett depicts the workshop’s manufacturing line as elves power through their sometimes thankless task of wrapping gifts while Santa reads through a very long list of requests. Hackett’s homage to the manic phase of Christmas preparations shows the bustle of the holiday season […]

Nathan Hackett / Scenes from a charity for the terminally-ill

Nathan Hackett created four sample scenes from a soon-to-be-published animation for Marie Curie, a charity hosting a Christmas campaign this season. Hackett is depicting nurses gifting their time to terminally-ill patients over the holidays. The illustrator shows scenes based on actual cases and from stories shared by family and friends of patients who’ve benefitted from the […]

Nathan Hackett / Illustration for Acorn, a children’s charity

Nathan Hackett was asked to create an illustration in homage to his favorite children’s book to raise money for the children’s charity, Acorn. Hackett’s favorite book, Esio Trot, an illustrated classic by Roald Dahl, with illustrations by Quentin Blake, is about Mr. Hopper and his attempts to convince the woman in the apartment below, Mrs. Silver, who’s […]

Nathan Hackett / Homage to Halloween family fun

Nathan Hackett’s homage to Halloween family fun á la The Addams Family and The Munsters: those spooky, offbeat though down-to-earth TV families from the 60s. Hackett celebrates the tradition of spooking family and friends in his holiday illustration of getting out for some wholesome family fun on Halloween: mummies, witches, vampires, ghosts and friends stepping out for an evening […]

Nathan Hackett / Kids at heart

Nathan Hackett’s illustration of adults at play is the illustrator’s response to turning a year older last week. To assuage his post-Birthday blues, Hackett created a drawing for his portfolio of “grown-up kids” on the playground. Rebelling against growing older while highlighting the need to age gracefully once a certain number of candles are on the cake, Hackett’s “kids” seem […]

Nathan Hackett / Prehistoric time travel for tourists

Nathan Hackett’s illustration shows his fascination with prehistoric man. His scene of a time traveler on holiday exploring the dawn of man harkens back to early adventure fiction. Hackett’s desire to be first in line when time travel becomes available to tourists is played out in this amusing illustration; his version of a prehistoric holiday, […]

Nathan Hackett / Keeping your eye on the ball

Nathan Hackett’s illustration of a game of pool in a British pub romanticizes the idea of playing the game with a glass of beer. Amidst vintage décor, the felt green of the table, a beer poised on the rim, and onlookers, it’s sometimes hard to keep your eye on the ball. Hackett believes that part of the art of playing pool […]

Nathan Hackett / Kids in the grocery aisle

Nathan Hackett’s explicit and colorful illustration of spills, temper tantrums, and a boy riding a shopping cart, pokes fun at the mayhem kids sometimes cause in a grocery store. Hackett, in his illustration of taking the kids to the grocery store, recalls with fondness his childhood trips for groceries alongside his parents. Even though they dragged him unwillingly […]

Nathan Hackett / Traveling with friends

A pair of illustrations about the hazards of vacationing with friends are featured in the summer issue of Stella magazine, a supplement to The Telegraph, UK’s most widely-circulated newspaper. Nathan Hackett contrasts the leisure and fun of vacationing alone as a family with the chaos of combined families on vacation in two editorial illustrations.  A double […]

Nathan Hackett / Coming and going

Inspired by the comings and goings of everyday life on a busy staircase just outside an illustrator’s second floor apartment, this lively illustration shows just how relaxing a weekend can be as neighbors lives criss-cross but rarely intersect. Drawn in muted–almost drab–tones to illustrate the mundane nature of moving into and out of an apartment building.  

We’re thrilled to welcome illustrator, Nathan Hackett to our Gang.

Nathan is a British illustrator with a fascination for architecture and the relationship its inhabitants have with city dwelling. With a passion for drawing and an emphasis on laboured dedication to detail, Nathan builds intricate compositions that feature quirky mini-narratives of theatrical invention. Thoroughly scrutinizing the complexities and ideas wrestled within each illustration, the resulting […]