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Motion & Animation

Nathan Hackett / Haunted multi-level’s spooky tenants

Nathan Hackett created a multi-level haunted house filled with a monster under the bed, Frankenstein, witches, cauldrons, a headless horseman and mummies in the basement. Hackett shows this gang of gruesome tenants preparing for a Happy and spooky Halloween.  

Nathan Hackett / How to be credit card smart

Nathan Hackett created a series of illustrations for a lifestyle article that appeared in AAA magazine with advice on managing credit cards. The article suggests ways to maintain a good credit score and presents methods for securing a mortgage with a low interest rate. Hackett uses larger-than-life credit cards in his illustrations to show the impact of credit on our daily lives. […]

Nathan Hackett / Under the big tent

Nathan Hackett was inspired by a day the illustrator spent at the circus observing a circus troupe.  His character studies of performers honing their craft and their acts—without an audience—shows ringmaster, clown, magician, even acrobats, doing the everyday from having a bite to eat to checking messages on a smartphone. Hackett’s behind the scenes approach […]

Nathan Hackett / The New Politics of Sex Scenes

Nathan Hackett’s illustrations for the Hollywood Reporter for an article on whether women are feeling more empowered today on set when approving sex and nudity scenes. According to the Reporter, amid pressures actors’ lawyers are demanding more specific and ironclad protection. Hackett’s illustrations show an actor discussing provisions with an attorney while in bed, actors […]

Nathan Hackett / Effects of a deadline on a procrastinator

Nathan Hackett’s conceptual illustration of an advancing deadline and its effect on the pysche of a procrastinator. His protagonist begins the month on a high note: unstressed and unaffected.  As days pass, indifference leads to anticipation, then worry,  and finally, a frantic finish at month’s end. She resorts to a cannon one day, digging a […]

Nathan Hackett / Home buying market pinch

Nathan Hackett’s illustrations of frustrated home buyers finding a housing market with fewer homes that are priced higher than they’d hoped. Here, Hackett pictures home buyers browsing empty shelves and expressing dismay at inflated home prices.    

Nathan Hackett / Sydney’s Kings Cross Hotel for Neighbourhood magazine

Nathan Hackett created a cover illustration and other illustrations to accompany an opinion piece on the iconic Kings Cross Hotel. The article appeared in Sydney’s Neighbourhood magazine, designed to promote the hotel. The area where Kings Cross Hotel is located was once a red light district, attracting a rich yet rough party crowd. Regulars to the neighborhood were pushed out due […]

Nathan Hackett / Sharing the road and other urban lifestyle challenges

Commuters in a hurry, tourists standing still, anything’s possible on city streets. Nathan Hackett’s take on sharing the road with others who may have a different sense of time.  Traveling at different paces and in different directions, urban traffic can get complicated when people sharing the streets follow their own rhythms with no regard for others.    

Nathan Hackett / Nighttime caricatures

Nathan Hackett’s aerial studies of sleeping habits and bedtime rituals are a series of nighttime caricatures that take an intimate look at how we spend half of our lives: sleeping. Hackett says he was, “…carried away enough after drawing sleeping scenarios in my sketchbook that I began to add color.” This recent work illustrates Nathan’s unique take on daily life. […]

Nathan Hackett / ‘Family Feuds’ for The Hollywood Reporter

Nathan Hackett’s illustration for The Hollywood Reporter for an article that chronicles family feuds of two rival companies. Both companies stage luxury homes for Los Angeles realtors and brokers. Customers are being forced to choose sides.  On one side is Meridith Baer, and on the other, her nephew, Brett. Hackett shows the melee as they face off.

Nathan Hackett / Cover illustration for Canadian Lawyer’s Workplace Issue

Nathan Hackett designed a front cover for Canadian Lawyer magazine’s Workplace Issue. Featuring narratives and storylines from articles, Hackett’s work depicts the issue’s focus: sexual harassment at work. Also pictured is the legalization of marijuana in Canada and how legalization affects employers as well as immigration nominee programs. Hackett’s images were used as spot illustrations throughout the issue.

Nathan Hackett / Art model in a figure drawing class

Nathan Hackett admits he’ll never possess the confidence of a nude art model. Standing naked in a packed room reflecting on one’s own nakedness, while unfathomable to Hackett, must be liberating for the model. Hackett pokes fun at this odd circumstance when everyone remains dressed except the art model, in his illustration of an art class drawing a male model. He reminds us that it’s […]

Nathan Hackett / The great divide in newsrooms for the Hollywood Reporter

a Nathan Hackett created an illustration for an article on the intergenerational divide in newsrooms for the Hollywood Reporter, a multi-platform digital and print magazine focusing on the film industry, television and entertainment. The article addresses how news sources like Vice News, The New York Times, and others are coping. With a focus on how the “Old Guard” is dealing with the progressive […]

Nathan Hackett Featured in “It’s Nice That”

Nathan Hackett’s work was featured in “It’s Nice That,” a multi-platform media company that champions creativity. The conversational feature explores themes in Hackett’s work including his fascination with the interplay between people and places.  The subjects of play and detail in Hackett’s illustration were some of the topics covered. Hackett’s illustrations position people in space in a unique […]

Nathan Hackett / In honor of Women’s Day

In honor of Women’s Day, when people take a step back to look at social and political achievements of women, Nathan Hackett’s illustration of women who led the Suffrage movement in Britain is not only timely but a reminder of how far women have come. The origin of the name suffragette (‘ette’ added to indicate quaintness) was originally intended to […]

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